How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep in Two Easy Steps?

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Are you tired of waiting for a good night’s sleep? Do you feel like a zombie after tossing and turning all night in your bed without falling asleep for even a few minutes? Well, then you have to take your insomnia situation seriously because not getting enough sleep at night can cause numerous health-related problems such as hormonal imbalance, migraine, high blood pressure, and plenty of other dangerous problems.

Sometimes the problem of not getting enough sleep isn’t serious, it is just some of the bad habits that create the problem of partial insomnia for us. The biggest reason behind this problem is the hectic lifestyle of people which converts them into sleepless zombies. Such as some people consume lots of caffeine during the daytime to stay energies that it disturbs their cardinal rhythms which won’t let them relax at night.

Now, there isn’t any problem in this world that cannot be resolved with strong will and determination. This problem of not getting enough sleep at night can be easily solved using simple tricks that we are going to discuss in this informative article.

Start Calculating Your Sleep

The foremost trick that you can use to get good quality sleep at night is to use a sleeping calculator for yourself. It is scientifically proven that if you sleep on one time daily, then you will enjoy a good quality of uninterrupted sleep at night. But, for that, you have to first calculate the ideal bedtime for yourself.

To calculate your ideal bedtime, you have to follow a very basic formula and follow it daily.

Sleep Calculate – Sleep Cycles * REM Cycle – Wake Up Time

Sleep Cycles – Normally, our night sleep is divided into 4 to 5 sleep cycles. The first part of our sleep consists of 2-3 cycles in which we enjoy deep NREM sleep. In the second, two sleep cycles we enter into the REM light sleep, and in the final sleep cycle, we experience light sleep. By observing all the sleep cycles, the problem of not getting enough sleep can be easily cured.

REM Cycles –  It is the most important stage of your sleep which starts after 90 minutes of falling asleep and lasts for almost 10 minutes. It is a period when your brain dreams about vivid things and converts your experiences into memories. This period gives you creativity to solve different problems that’s why waking up during this period is bad.

Wake Up Time – It is a time when you want to get up to start your day.

Well, if you are a little bit confused about this sleeping calculation method, then you can easily use the sleeping calculator offered by Nectarsleep to find the sweet time to fall asleep.

Get a Comfy Mattress

To experience uninterrupted and relaxing night sleep, you have to provide comfort to your body so that it can relax. To make your body relax, you have to get the perfect mattress for your bed so that you can fall asleep in the comfortable cocoon of your bed. The sleeping technology has evolved very much in the last few years, but the most comfortable mattress technology that has been developed by far is the best hybrid mattress. These mattresses are designed to provide luxurious experience to the people who want to enjoy a little foamy bounce while sleeping.

A hybrid mattress is a very cozy and relaxing way to sleep at night because they are very unique. The unique features of the hybrid mattress which improves your quality of sleep are –

  • Pocket Coil Technology of the mattress reduces the motion caused by tossing and turning which increases your quality of REM sleep.
  • This mattress has infused memory foam layers that let you choose a comfortable posture to sleep and reduce your pressure.
  • In these mattresses gel infused foam layer is used which keeps your body cool by reducing the level of heat caused by your warm body temperature.
  • With the edge support system, you will get plenty of room to sleep soundly.

So, people, your sleep troubles can be easily resolved by using the sleeping calculator and hybrid mattress. You just have to fall asleep according to the perfect bedtime calculated by you and next, you have to order the best quality hybrid mattress from DreamClouds to enjoy one sound sleep every night.