7 Great Ways to Get Local SEO Clients

Because of the ingenuity and strategy required to appeal to a local market, local firms are frequently the most intriguing SEO customers.

While the fundamentals—Google Business Profile optimization, localized content, and so on—remain relevant, local companies must often think outside the box to rank locally.

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Acquiring these sorts of clients requires talent as well. Attracting enthusiastic, ambitious, and engaged local SEO customers is great for SEO specialists.

Here are the seven great ways on how to get local SEO clients.

1. Improve Your Local SEO

This might seem a bit obvious, but busy consultants and agencies sometimes need to pay more attention to their marketing campaigns to devote every last resource to client deliverables.

If you have the resources and time, you should focus on your local SEO. You’re immediately increasing your chances of obtaining inbound leads, leaving you with fewer hot leads to track down manually.

2. Determine Which Companies Are Investing in Marketing

The marketing world knows that customers with few resources are often the most demanding. This is not to imply that having a limited budget always makes you a terrible client, but having the mindset of getting more for less is generally counterproductive regarding marketing.

In summary, your ideal local SEO clients understand the importance of marketing and are prepared to spend it to achieve a broader aim. They want to invest their marketing money in long-term growth.

Moreover, a business that looks to have made marketing investments is more likely to be a good customer. You would want a customer who comprehends the significance of marketing and will actively engage in expanding their firm.

Reach out to local companies that look to tick some of these criteria after you’ve identified them. Moreover, a free offer, such as an audit or a pleasant consultation, might be your ticket to a more extended engagement.

3. Show Reports of Your Local SEO Activities

Your mutual agreement must determine how you will build your local SEO report for a customer. For instance, some customers want a visual depiction of their site’s performance, such as charts, bars, and graphs. Others prefer textual analysis in the form of periodic reports.

Whatever format you use for your local SEO reports, the goal is to make them actionable, explanatory, and informative. Your reports must successfully explain the metrics that matter, performance on KPIs, the effectiveness of executed techniques, and the goals for the next period.

In general, local SEO reports provide information on the following:

  • Clicks, impressions, and CTR for previously set local keywords
  • A full description of website traffic sources, including device demographics, locations, and types of site visitors for the client
  • Page speed, mobile-friendliness score, and other technical SEO elements
  • Local purpose keyword rankings
  • Data from Google My Business, organic search, and, if appropriate, advertisements
  • Status of referring domains and backlinks

Naturally, reports differ based on the nature of the client’s company. For example, reports for an eCommerce business and a service provider vary greatly. Thus, we always advocate adopting a more sophisticated approach to local SEO reporting and hyper-tailoring your agency’s SEO report templates to your customer’s specific requirements.

4. Become a Strategic Thinker in Local SEO

You already know that increasing awareness is the first step in every conversion. Therefore, be the one to accomplish it among your potential customers. Most of the material on your agency’s blog is pillar content for individuals who need to learn about local SEO. Education has proven to be the most effective support for small company owners.

However, don’t limit yourself to merely exhibiting your competence and authority online.

Instead, participate in local entrepreneur events and marketing conferences to pave the path to converting other local firms. Build your trust among possible leads both offline and online.

5. Engage in Corporate Events and Local Networking

In the digital era, face-to-face networking has fallen out of favor. If you’re tired of the forced, unpleasant encounters, the sensation that you’re wasting your time, and the awful knowledge that you’ll only get a few LinkedIn connections, it’s time to alter your strategy.

Traditional networking may still be valuable to companies, mainly local SEO services and consultants seeking new customers. Still, the manner of how you choose events and conduct yourself must be altered if you want to leave with solid prospects.

6. Provide Efficient and Comprehensive Local SEO Services

Of course, this is based on the range of services provided by your organization.

Typically, full-service Local SEO firms begin local site optimization with an in-depth website audit to analyze the situation and design a strategy for action. The objective is to provide a solid foundation. Therefore, before beginning any off-page or on-page activity, they address technical SEO factors, such as rich snippets, suitable language attributes, quick loading time, mobile friendliness, schema.org, etc.

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful indicators of high local search results. Customer reviews are an essential component of a strong GMB ranking. Thus, we constantly advise our clients to encourage their customers to post reviews. You can also increase your local SEO efforts by engaging in retargeting and remarketing operations using Google Ads and social media to persuade clients who were previously unwilling to convert.

7. Keep a Business Card on Hand

Consider the importance of traditional marketing.

Many local companies are modest “mom and pop” establishments that value personalized service. They want to communicate with a genuine person, rather than a faceless organization. Keep an eye out for talks in which company owners seek marketing solutions.

Furthermore, having your business card on hand means you’ll be ready to present your information and turn the discussion into a commercial partnership at any time.


You’ll discover that fundamental interactions are the key to acquiring great local SEO clients. Building meaningful connections is the most excellent method to acquire exceptional customers, whether it’s via networking, speaking, forming partnerships, or delivering free value.

Skip the cold pitch and consider how you might help local companies or organizations. Many individuals are open to experts who take the time to get to know them, solve an issue, and cultivate a cordial dialogue.

Do you want more local SEO clients with whom you can collaborate? Use these ways to build long-term partnerships and connections.

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