How to Get More Organized in the Workplace

Ticking off boxes in a to do list - get more organized imageOrganization skills are key in all sorts of job roles, from assistant to CEO, so it’s one area where everyone could do with some improvement. By getting more organized, you can be more productive, develop your career and enjoy your work a lot more. Here are some easy ways to start getting more organized today.

Have a to-do list

Most people have roles where they take on a lot of different, sometimes conflicting tasks, so it’s important to write everything down that needs doing. There are different ways to write a to do list, and it’s better to keep things organized so you can prioritize. Make a column for urgent tasks, one for weekly tasks, and one for things to do whenever you have some spare time. This means you’ll get the important stuff done, and always have something to do if there’s a lull.

Use software

Many workplaces use a range of different types of software that have features that can help with organization, from scheduling to tracking productivity. Learn how to use products such as the task management software recommended by the Digital Project Manager, and you can handle even the most complex of projects, even with multiple deadlines and demands.

Set reminders

E-mail calendars can be an excellent way of staying organized, and you can usually add meetings and events simply by clicking a link. You can then set reminders at different intervals so that you turn up on time and prepared. Many people don’t realize how many different features are found within their email client, so make sure you know how to use the more advanced tools.

Delegate tasks

If you work in a team, at times, you’ll have to go outside your usual job scope to help them out. However, it’s important not to take on a second role in addition to your own. If you need help with things, you should also be willing to ask for help and delegate, so you can get important things done.

Set up your desk correctly

An important part of being organized is having an organized workspace. This begins with setting up your desk correctly, keeping it free of clutter and distractions, and ensuring you have storage space for all the things you need.

A clear desk helps you work better - get more organized imageA clear desk helps you keep a clear mind and ensures you don’t lose pieces of paperwork or forget things. It’s worth taking a couple of minutes at the end of each workday to clear your desk, recycle any trash and make neat to-do piles so that you don’t come back to a mess in the morning. This will give you a clean slate, ready to take on a new day.

Getting organized can be good for your productivity, mental health and more, so it’s important to look at how you can improve your organizational skills at work. Doing this can help boost your performance and career, and ensure you never go through the stress of dealing with a missed deadline again.


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