Getting Ahead in Digital Marketing: 3 Essential Tips for Online Business Owners

Digital marketing has experienced a boom in the past few years because of the rise of a new breed of consumers: those that prefer to shop entirely online. This is great news for online businesses, but you shouldn’t get complacent. Every year, the market grows more and more saturated. In 2020, almost all businesses migrated online, so there’s more competition than ever. If you aren’t attuned to how consumer behavior and preferences are evolving, you run the risk of falling by the wayside.

Here are 3 tips we have for e-commerce brands who want to stand out.

  1. Produce more video content

Video is now one of the most preferred content formats of consumers. People are more likely to watch a 10-minute documentary than to read a long-form article. This is because video suits our current jam-packed and fast-paced lifestyles. Even when you’re on the train or doing your laundry, you can still absorb most of the message a video conveys. It’s also shown that video content is more likely to grow viral than any other content format, which could give you valuable reach and boost your brand awareness. You should capitalize on this demand for video by either hiring a video production team or outsourcing the service.

  1. Personalized marketing is the way to go

We live in a time where consumers are warier of brands and quick to roll their eyes at any form of generic advertising. However, experts noted that consumers are more open to being marketed to if we make the experience personalized. This was difficult to do before, but now, we get so much valuable information on our consumers, be it their age, location, etc. We can then perform ecommerce customer segmentation, where we divide our consumer base into subgroups to market to each group more effectively.

For example, if you have young adult consumers, you can send them ads that use casual language and bright, eye-catching visuals. Or if you have a writing business, like MyCustomEssay, you can use your paper samples as a form of advertising. Meanwhile, you can adopt a more professional and subdued approach when marketing to your older consumers.

  1. Adopt more ethical and sustainable practices

Consumers nowadays are spoiled for choice, and that means they are more selective about which brands they patronize. Each consumer has their advocacy, be it mitigating the climate crisis, reducing waste, promoting veganism, etc. Given this, brands have started using their own advocacy as a badge of honor to connect and build trust with their consumer base. Brands are also more vocal about their good deeds, like donations or sustainability efforts. Consider shifting towards a better business model so you can boost your brand reputation and maintain your responsibility to society and the environment.

It may seem daunting to run a business in these turbulent times, but always remember that the number one secret to success is listening to your consumers. Your consumers’ support is what keeps your business afloat, so use every opportunity to build a relationship with your consumers. Cater to their needs, listen to their concerns, and be a brand they can trust.

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