Ways of getting around in Tampa, Florida

Getting around in Tampa Florida - image 11Florida is full of historical places and fun tourist attractions, especially in the city of Tampa, which is a populous city known for its historical appeal. Moreover, Tampa is the home of the historic Ybor City neighborhood. It is also a business center and a haven for tourists who seek an unparalleled nightlife experience. Besides, Tampa has been getting a lot of buzz lately, as Tampa Bay will host Super Bowl 2020.

With all these attractions, tourists cannot help but flock to it. However, the question remains: How can people get around in this city? Well, Tampa offers a variety of transportation options that appeal to all people.

So, if you are heading to this amazing city soon and want to know how you can move around in it, just check out the next few points.

Car rentals

If you are a fan of driving, but cannot drive all the way to Tampa, the rental services available around the city have got you covered. You can even reserve your rental online before you set foot in Tampa International Airport. This way, you will be free to go wherever you please without waiting for public transportation. Nevertheless, keep in mind that, in busy cities like Tampa, there is always a possibility of car accidents.

So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, seeking legal help for a car accident in Tampa will be your best bet. An experienced local attorney who knows the ins and outs of the laws in Florida can help you get the compensation you need swiftly. Generally, though, Tampa is a safe city; thus, your chances of being in a car accident are slim. Yet, you should always be prepared; better safe than sorry.


Tampa is conscientious about protecting the environment, so it has a dedicated bike lane! Even more surprisingly, Tampa Bay includes bike lanes that cover 137 miles. In Downtown Tampa, you are free to either use your own bike or rent one. Renting a bike in Tampa is pretty easy for non-locals; you just need to pick a bike from a company called Coast Bike Share.

There is no need to worry about the cost because renting a Coast bike is dirt cheap. You only need to pay $1 to unlock your bike and 15 cents for every minute of use. To make it easier for those who want to use bikes as their main means of transportation, $20 monthly passes and $99 annual passes are also available.

The TECO Line Streetcar

Getting around in Tampa Florida - image 121Tourists who want a more local experience will definitely love the TECO Line Streetcar. The great thing about it is that you can ride for free! You just need to get a pass from the Florida Department of Transportation first to enjoy this great service. The TECO Line Streetcar has around 11 stations in Downtown Tampa and Ybor City, so you will be able to see the magnificence of Tampa. It can hold up to 74 passengers, which gives you a chance to chat with the locals and know more about the city. Furthermore, it only takes 25 minutes to stop at all 11 stations.

The Pirate Water Taxi

The Pirate Water Taxi offers a magnificent experience for people who want to take the scenic route. With 4 different ships that have varying capacities, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Another great advantage of this means of transportation is that it stops at 15 stations, including Harbor Island, Downtown Tampa, and Tampa Heights. Adults pay $15, while children’s passes only cost $5. There is also an annual subscription for $90.

HART Busses

The Hillsborough Regional Transit Authority buses are a great option for people who like to occasionally take the bus to explore cities. HART buses are truly impressive, as they accommodate standard wheelchair users as well, allowing people who use wheelchairs to safely enjoy Tampa.

The buses also have routes in Downtown Tampa and Ybor City. Additionally, the Hillsborough Regional Transit Authority applies technology to offer passengers a smoother experience by having a complementary mobile application. Through this application, you will know where your bus currently is, your estimated arrival time, and some route suggestions. No, it does not cost a gazillion dollars; you only need to pay $2 for every ride.

When visiting busy cities like Tampa, you should always know your transportation options beforehand. Tampa has a variety of options for everyone. So, whether you like driving, cycling, or using public transportation, Tampa has got you covered. Beware though of car accidents because they can happen suddenly; thus, seeking legal assistance in such cases is crucial. Just do not forget to enjoy Tampa to the fullest; have a safe trip!