How getting certified in Power BI can impress C-level executives in any company

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Technology and business have always been intertwined but mostly to the level of understanding product reach and sustainability in the market. With data speedily acquiring the status of a gold mine in the current world, the leadership in major enterprises and corporations are left with no option but to embrace the new technology themselves. This can empower them to be informed with the right data and insights to take the appropriate strategic decisions that are required for the evolution of business.

Until recently, most of the data would only be acquired in the form of raw numbers. With executives aiming to look through tons of tons of metrics to form a well-rounded understanding of the situation, numbers on a sheet barely end up meaning anything. Such data needs to be transformed into actionable information that supports high-level business decision-making. Today, there are tools out there as well but knowing how to use them in the right way is also a challenge. Which is why recruiters are extremely keen to hire anyone who has a Microsoft Power BI certification as soon as possible.

Here’s why people certified in Power BI are highly valued by the leadership.

1. Value-addition to the business

A new recruit meant to handle the business intelligence aspects of an organization has their job cut out for them. They are expected to begin understanding the nuances of the business and the different focus points that are to be examined. While this tends to get better over time, if a person has to balance this learning curve with being able to operate Power BI, it would be quite sometime before any impact can be made.

Thankfully, Power BI has a simple and shallow learning curve to begin using its basic functionalities right away. This can help you ask the right questions to the leadership, who can almost start looking at things from a different perspective immediately. And with experts in Power BI, executives can begin expecting refined models of company data right off the bat.

2. Secure and safe down to the smallest level

Business intelligence is an extremely high-value prospect. You will be handling a lot of sensitive and confidential information, which would be processed by the software to provide insights that can affect the business at large. While multiple departments might be involved in making this happen, it is essential to maintain a level of segregation between what information is shared amongst each other.

Experienced professionals of Power BI can make this happen as compared to novice users who are just beginning. As an example, you can control that financial data within the same report which is hidden for everybody else and visible only to specific members of the management. This helps in reducing the repetition of work and avoid generating separate reports for each department. Segregation becomes easier for corporations that handle various branches and need to see only specific branch data.

3. Plugging into the systems with negligible hassle

Getting a professional who has expertise in technology is one thing. But if you need to hire a team just to set the technology up and have it interface with your database and make tons of other changes just to get it up and going, you’d rather train them to use the software as well.

Power BI was conceived keeping this in mind since the target userbase was a company’s leadership who don’t usually have the technical expertise to set things up. As a Power BI professional, you can set up the entire implementation of the software with minimal support from the IT department. With a few API keys, Power BI finds itself connected to the company systems easily. This cuts down on any costs that would involve setting up servers or systems just to make it happen.

4. Achieving a data-access level like never before

Once Power BI is in place, you, as a Power BI professional, would quite literally be the go-to person when the leadership would require in-depth information to make an important business decision. If the company already makes use of multiple Microsoft products, then Power BI will automatically be able to pull the data it needs. If not, there is a long list of software and services that Power BI is compatible with and can help bring in data from multiple sources under a single umbrella.

This data can be procured in its granular form, from any source, right from a server database, from the cloud, combination systems, you name it. Having such a deep level of access to every kind of data in the company arms the executives with every kind of insight they need to make a confident decision with conviction.

With the right kind of Power BI training, you don’t just become a proficient professional for that technology. You become a reliable person who understands the interdependence of technology and business, which is exactly what leaders of companies today are looking for.