Give camping a chance and experience the healing power of nature

When it comes to camping, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who’d happily trade city life for camp life, and those who dread the idea of leaving behind the safety and comfort provided by modern amenities and venturing into the wilderness. It’s usually kids who are the biggest fans of camping trips. As people grow older, the thought of spending time in the great outdoors and sleeping in a tent under the stars loses its appeal. 

It’s understandable that camping is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, even the biggest skeptics can be converted into camping enthusiasts once they become aware of the health benefits this recreational activity provides. Although camping might not be the first thing to come to mind when you hear terms like self-care and wellness, it can work wonders for your mental and physical health as it gives you the possibility to bask in the healing benefits of nature. 

So, if you want to get back in touch with nature or if you’re looking to convince someone to give camping a try, here are a few good reasons to finally take the leap. 

Reduces stress and anxiety 

The demands and fast pace of modern life might have you thinking there’s no escaping stress and anxiety. But even though we have come to accept stressful experiences as a normal part of life, it doesn’t mean we can’t limit their negative impact or learn to keep them in check. A short camping trip can do just that. 

Spending time in nature allows you to remove yourself from environments that make you feel stressed or anxious and avoid common triggers like work deadlines, social demands, conflicts at home, or money issues, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Besides, when you’re in the middle of the wilderness, with nothing but plants, peace and fresh air surrounding you, the extra oxygen that your body takes in combined with the sunshine will increase your serotonin levels, improve your blood pressure, and your digestion. 

Promotes better sleep   

Some might think that camping and restful sleep are sworn enemies, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, camping can have a positive effect on your sleep schedule and help you feel a lot more rested and energized. Being outside, your body will be exposed to natural sunlight which is a key factor in regulating your circadian rhythm, and thus you’ll enjoy a better night’s sleep. You won’t get much sun exposure if you spend your days between the four walls of your office, absorbing blue light from your computer screen. 

Obviously, having the right gear with you also plays an important role in the equation. You can upgrade your camping experience and make your trip a lot more comfortable by planning ahead, investing in a quality canvas tent like the ones provided by Elk Mountain Tents, choosing a sleeping bag that’s right for the weather and terrain in your camping location and using a camping tarp to protect your tent from the ground. 

Keeps you fit

If you’re not the kind of person that can stick to a regular workout routine and hates going to the gym, camping will help you exercise in a way that doesn’t even feel like exercising. From hiking to your camping site to setting up your tent, exploring your surroundings, or collecting wood for the campfire, you’ll be engaging in all sorts of physical activities without realizing it. If you throw swimming or biking in the mix, you have a good workout guaranteed.  

But even if you don’t plan on doing any sporty activities while camping, the simple fact that you’ll go out and about will help you burn a lot more calories than you would if you’d sit on your couch, scrolling through your social media feed. It might not turn you into an athlete overnight, but at least it will get your body moving, and as you may already know, any form of exercise is better than no exercise.  

Boosts your mood 

You may have noticed that people have a special glow and seem happier when they come back from a camping trip. This has a simple explanation. The same serotonin that helps reduce stress and anxiety and promotes better sleep also acts as a natural mood booster. Besides, it’s normal to feel happier when you don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city and you get to enjoy nature’s beauty instead. 

On top of that, if you go camping with your family or friends, you get the chance to reconnect with them and strengthen your bonds. You’ll have to cooperate and work closely together as a team to accomplish different tasks during the day, and in the evening, you’ll gather around the campfire and have deep conversations late into the night without anything to distract you. All these experiences will have a profoundly positive impact on your mood and make you feel happier. 

Opens you up to new experiences 

Camping is also a great way to get out of your comfort zone and break the routine cycle you’re stuck in, being an activity that cultivates your sense of adventure and is both mentally and physically stimulating. You’ll have to test your skills, learn new ones, and take on all sorts of challenges along the way that will keep you on your toes and make you feel more alive. 

There are numerous studies proving that new experiences and activities are a great way to improve concentration and keep your brain sharp and healthy for longer. So, all that excitement and adrenaline will pay off in the long run.  

Camping will help you escape the concrete jungle, find your way back to nature and enjoy all the amazing benefits it provides. But if you’re not one to get easily convinced, we dare you to give camping a try this year. After all, there’s no better teacher than personal experience. 

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