Global Refund Group Review – Can You Count On Them For A Refund?

Once you fall victim to online scams, trusting anyone is hard. How can you be sure that you won’t go through the same thing again? How can you know that after your money has been stolen by unscrupulous Forex and CFD brokers, you won’t be a part of the scheme again?

We’ve thoroughly researched the Global Refund Group reviews and its operations and decided to share it with you.

Who Is the Global Refund Group?

Global Refund Group is a company based in New York, specializing in online fraud cases. With the rising number of scam victims, someone had to take the side of individuals and help them look for illicit firms. As you know yourself, nowadays, brokers tend to hide in offshore countries and operate without any regulations. Once a scam occurs, it’s difficult for a single person to track it down and file any kind of complaint.

Here comes Global Refund Group, our savior and the best assistant. Employing experts from various legal and financial departments, this company goes above and beyond when it comes to collecting evidence and filing the necessary documents to relevant authority bodies. Global Refund Group has its tools for recovering your funds, whether you have been involved with a regulated or unregulated firm, based offshore or anywhere else.

How Does the Global Refund Group Operate?

First of all, you need to book a consultation with the company’s specialist. We have to mention that these consultations are free of charge, so you won’t risk anything by seeking help. While numerous similar firms expect you to pay for advice, Global Refund Group is aware of what you have already been through. Trustbroken and already in financial loss, the last thing you need is someone extorting more money just to tell you that there’s nothing to be done.

Once you book your appointment, you will have a chance to present your case. It practically means that you’ll need to explain what happened, how it happened, and provide any supporting evidence you may have. While many are not aware of the evidence they hold, such as messages, social media accounts, and emails, Global Refund Group is there to point you in the right direction and get everything you have.

Based on the presented case, the expert will decide if they can assist you or not. Sometimes, there’s nothing to be done if there’s been a lot of time since the scam occurred, or the company is well-hidden. In such cases, Global Refund Group will inform you of the outcome, which is still better than dragging you along for months and charging you for non-existing service. After all, the company cares about their reputation as much as they care about clients.

If the outcome is positive…

If the Global Refund Group has decided that your case is possible to resolve, you’re going into the next stage. Employees will help you prepare the case and collect missing evidence, such as further information about the broker, bank account where your funds are transferred, and more.

Transparency is one of the things that Global Refund Group appreciates and likes to point out. Knowing information is of utmost importance for you as a client after dealing with fraudulent crypto, Forex, or binary options brokers. It’s important to know that you will have notifications at any given moment and always know where you stand.

Different Methods Used By Global Refund Group

As aforementioned, not everyone had the same problem. Some were involved with regulated, others with unregulated brokers. Some brokers were hidden offshore, while others have conducted scams hiding in plain sight.

Global Refund Group will use different methods to approach the case depending on the situation. When it comes to money, everything has to be perfect. This is a core principle of the company and something you will often hear when working with them. And we couldn’t agree more. Once immoral scammers have stolen your life savings or retirement fund, you ought to know that you have someone with firm beliefs and strong morals on your side.

After the evidence has been collected, Global Refund Group employees will present your case in front of the relevant authorities. Sometimes, it’ll be a regulatory body, sometimes the bank, or the government of a particular country. Whatever the case is, you need to ensure that your message has been delivered in the best possible manner since it’s the only way for your dispute to be resolved successfully. That’s why there’s an entire legal department, and the best experts in the field of online scams are your representatives.

Previous Success Rate And Statistics

We have gathered some information on the Global Refund Group’s success so far for those who prefer numbers over words. The company has retrieved over $2 million for their customers, which is a tremendously good result knowing what kind of frauds they’re dealing with. Furthermore, they have reimbursed over 93% of their clients.

Remember that we’ve mentioned how the company carefully decides which cases to take? It’s because they care about their reputation and efficiency more than money. They also update news on their main page, pointing out some of the leading scam brokerages they have dealt with so that you can check if your broker is on the list.


We can happily point you out to book a free consultation with the Global Refund Group. It doesn’t cost you money to present your case and get helpful advice. Besides, after our research, we’re sure you won’t hesitate to cooperate with them in the long run. Good luck!

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