Good and bad experiences with betting providers

To bet successfully, you need a serious betting provider. Otherwise you have no guarantee that you can really win. Some betting fans have problems getting their winnings paid out. This can be very frustrating. For this reason, one has to ask oneself which bookmaker can be considered serious.

In the following some betting providers with their different experiences will be introduced. Of course, no bookmaker is perfect, which is why a few points of criticism are also listed.

Betting providers - tipico

The online bookmaker Tipico has been around since 2004. Due to its high popularity, the bookie has established itself as a partner of many large clubs. For example, Tipico has entered into a partnership with the Hamburger Sportverein. Here, betting fans benefit from a payout rate of 95 percent. Furthermore, fans can waive the betting tax and use the mobile app for betting on the go. You can already see here that customer wishes are the main focus.

Tipico has already reached more than 1.1 million customers with its betting offer. Although the company was founded in Germany, it is based in Malta. It operates there under the name Tipico Co. Limited. Like many other bookies, the company has a licence. This license comes from Malta. The company currently has around 5,300 employees. In addition to sports betting, you can also play games in the online casino.

As a new customer you get a 100 percent bonus of 100 euros. Before you can withdraw it, you have to wager it six times. The conditions of turnover are therefore quite fair, which makes it no wonder that Tipico has so many customers.

Payment options

A very positive aspect is the fact that you can pay with PayPal at Tipico. If you do not want to deposit with PayPal, you can also use other internet payment systems. Skrill and Neteller are good alternatives. Of course you can also use the classic bank transfer.

As prepaid payment systems the Paysafecard and Ukash are available. Credit cards are also used. The payout is done by all possible ways, if you have already used this method for the deposit.

Experience has shown that all instructions are considered serious by the customer service. Therefore, as a customer you do not have to expect long waiting times. On the other hand, it is not possible to withdraw the money every day. Tipico only allows three payouts per week. Beyond that, each additional booking costs five euros.

How good is the offer of live betting?

The provider focuses on a few selected sports. Football is very dominant here. For some betting fans this may be a big advantage. For those who prefer other sports, Tipico will probably be disappointed. As far as the offer of live betting is concerned, the bookie does not have to fear any comparison with the competition.

The App

The bets can also be placed via the app using the smartphone or tablet. The Tipico sports betting app is of course a real enrichment for die-hard betting fans. At last, you can place bets on the train or bus or in the car or shorten your waiting time.

According to the tests, the live centre has proven to take some getting used to. This is due to the fact that the betting view is structured differently from many other bookies.

How varied is the betting offer at Tipico?

The betting offer is mostly limited to football. So you can also say that Tipico is a bookie for football fans. 90 percent of the portfolio is filled by football. This means that Tipico also dispenses with exotics. Even though the betting provider has gone into considerable depth in betting options in recent years, there is still some catching up to do.

Leisure players should be satisfied with the betting offer. Professional players, on the other hand, would also like to place bets on other sports than just football. In this respect, it can be worthwhile to open an account with a second betting provider, where there are also other sports in the portfolio.

How high are the betting limits?

The general terms and conditions state that the weekly winnings limit per player and calendar week is EUR 100,000. However, the exact maximum amounts can vary from sport to sport, which initially leaves you with a bit of uncertainty. High rollers also have the option of sending a written betting request to the customer service department. The bookmaker then decides individually. The minimum stake per tip is one Euro.

In addition, combination bets may be placed from as little as 0.25 cents. After all, one wants to play in a safe environment and be sure that the winnings are paid out. Safe and reputable bookmakers are not always easy to spot at first glance. Therefore, before registering, one should first find out about the betting company.

At Tipico, at any rate, there are no objections when it comes to security. Tipico has been in the betting business for many years. There have hardly been any really negative experiences up to this point. Of course the bookie is not perfect. There are always points of criticism, but these are kept within reasonable limits. The company also cooperates with FC Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV. Through these partnerships, one can say that everything is going well with this betting provider.

Furthermore the high security is proven by a license from Malta. This examination organization has very strict conditions, which must be fulfilled by the individual casinos and betting providers. Checks are also carried out after the licence has been obtained. A betting provider which has a licence from Malta can be classified as very serious and safe.

In addition, this bookie also uses SSL encryption. Sensitive customer data is therefore protected at all times.


Tipico attracts new customers with a new customer bonus of 100 percent on their first deposit. The condition is that the bonus must be played through three times. Single and combined bets are taken into account.

A bonus code is not required to receive the bonus. Basically the bonus conditions are very fair compared to the competition. Experience has shown that with other providers you have to wager the bonus six times or even more. If you wager three times at Tipico, you have a much better chance of getting a quick payout. More about this at

On the other hand, the welcome gift at Tipico is not outstanding either. It is a solid and average package, which you get as a newly registered user. Tests with other betting providers have shown that welcome bonuses can also be higher.

Tipico experiences Conclusion

The choice of football bets is huge. It is therefore difficult to choose. Tipico fulfils all wishes. On the other hand, the portfolio is largely limited to football. The payment methods are also excellent. You won’t have any payment problems, because there is really everything you need. Only the fact that you have to pay a fee of five euros from the fourth payment per month is negative.

Above that, one can only request up to three payouts per week. The absolute highlight is, of course, that one does not pay any betting tax here. The new customer bonus is also convincing. It may not really be outstanding, but it is solid. But it should be emphasized that you only have to wager the bonus three times, which is very low compared to the competition.

After all, you can enjoy Tipico on the road. But the betting view takes a bit of getting used to. The betting provider is characterized by a high level of security. The portal is TÜV-verified. The company is licensed in Malta. The license stands for high security. So there should be no talk of fraud and rip-offs here. This makes Tipico an excellent betting provider, even if there are some weaknesses here and there. On the other hand, it is also true that no betting provider is perfect.

Betting providers - bettingdotcom 4344

The first experiences were made right after entering the website. The homepage seems very tidy. The handling is good and simple. was founded in 2016. The company is based in Malta. There the company has also received a license. Thus, a large measure of seriousness is also offered.

It is obvious that the customer is taken by the hand and is not left on his own. It is not for nothing that this betting provider registers just as many new registrations. The homepage makes a calm impression and is exemplary. The developers have done a very good job, as has been shown by individual tests. The most important information is immediately recognizable and does not have to be searched for a long time. The white background and the good illustrations make a fresh impression. The first impression is therefore very good.

Fortunately, a bonus code is not needed. On the other hand, there is a verification code when you register, which you have to enter. Only then the registration is complete.

Payment options

No wishes remain unfulfilled when it comes to payment options. First of all the credit cards are available, which are still used by many players today. In addition, the e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller should be mentioned. A quick transfer or deposit or withdrawal can also be made possible with the instant bank transfer. The same payment methods are available for withdrawals. Basically the portfolio is quite good and should leave nothing to be desired by all users. The only thing missing is PayPal. Although this is not further problematic. On the other hand you should also consider that PayPal only cooperates with the really best and most serious betting providers. For this reason it would be desirable if this rather young betting provider would include this payment service provider in its payment portfolio.

Terms of turnover

The sales conditions were also examined more closely. The conditions state that no voucher is required to unlock the bonus. Furthermore, it should be mentioned at this point that the bonuses are divided into three parts. Already during the registration the personal data must be validated. Once this process is complete, the first deposit can also be made.

How good is the offer of live betting?

Very often the sports betting strategies are based on live betting. The offer here can be classified as very good. There are 6,000 live bets available per month. This means that there are more betting options when the months are busy. So every day there are around 200 events. At the weekend there is a strong concentration of sporting events.

Furthermore, football is the main event here. In addition, the leagues from the other European countries are also represented. Finally, you can also bet on sporting events at the smaller nations. Sports like ice hockey, tennis, basketball and handball are also represented here. So the range of sports on offer is very diverse and varied. No wishes should be open here. There are no complaints here.

How high are the betting limits?

Limits are available according to the general terms and conditions. In addition, you can also set limits yourself. The betting provider puts responsible gaming in the foreground. It is important to the provider that players act and bet responsibly. There are four different variants with which deposit limits and loss limits can be set. Furthermore, the player can also reduce the stake as well as the playing time. The corresponding information is always based on intervals such as 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. Finally, it is also possible to cause an account to be blocked. The suspension can be temporary or permanent.

The app from

Wetten dot com - 49994

The mobile app is very well positioned by It is impressive how clearly the website is designed on a small screen. Again, one can say that the developers have done a very good job. Furthermore you can make use of all functions. So betting on the road should not be a problem.


As far as security and seriousness are concerned, it can be claimed that the provider does not engage in fraud or rip-offs. This is also due to the fact that the company is based in Malta and holds a licence from the Maltese Gaming Authority. The Gaming Authority promises all customers that the betting provider will be supervised by an independent supervisory authority. Of course, it is not so easy to obtain a gambling licence here. Strict conditions must be met. Furthermore, the gambling operation is also checked at regular intervals after the licence has been obtained.

In addition, also uses SSL encryption. In this way, all personal customer data is protected. This mechanism was approved by TÜV Saarland.

Customer service

Misunderstandings can always occur. Fortunately, a very friendly support will help here. The team members are motivated and competent. The advice is always given in German. Various tests have shown that the employees deal with the concerns in great detail.

Furthermore it is very pleasant that the customer service can be reached in several ways. So every customer can send an email to the customer service at any time. Usually it does not take more than 24 hours until the email is answered. Thus, one does not have to be prepared for long waiting times. However, live chat is still a faster method to get your questions answered.

On the other hand, this practical live chat is not available around the clock. The service times are unfortunately only from 10 to 22 o’clock.


The website of this betting provider looks very modern. You come across a very attractive design. But the modern design also has the advantage that navigation is very easy and the most important information is only a few clicks away. Furthermore, there is an integrated search function with which you can search for specific events. All in all, the web presence is very convincing. Many competitors can take an example here.


The odds are surprisingly good for The bookie has a 93 percent odds key. Although there are fluctuations, these are within an acceptable range. The European top leagues have the best odds. If you bet on the Premier League or Champions League, the odds key rises to 95 percent.

Additional offers

The bookmaker focuses exclusively on sports betting. There is no online casino here. However, this need not always be a disadvantage. After all, this German betting provider has managed to make a furious start. As an additional offer, provides its customers with a website optimised for mobile devices. The mobile version can be used on all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. The user does not need to download a separate app for mobile use.

Conclusion on experiences

The experiences of are covered so far. Apart from a few points, this betting provider can be awarded an excellent rating. It is interesting that this provider does not only focus on football, but also has other sports in its portfolio. It is a pity that you cannot use PayPal for the payment methods. Furthermore, there are also fees for some payments. But if you look at the betting offer, the bonus and the live bets, you can give the best marks here. Finally, the app makes a good impression. Mobile betting should therefore not be a problem.

This bookmaker is the number 1 when it comes to US sports betting. This is also due to the fact that this bookie is German and therefore offers a first-class quality in the betting experience. The bookie is absolutely trustworthy and safe.

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