5 Ways to Grab Everyone’s Attention at a Trade Show

Trade Show image 4434If you have ever been to a trade show, you can tell competitors have a limited time to grab their audience’s attention.

Good for brands, there is a definite way to capture your audience’s attention in a short time. Following, we are going to explain how you can do it:


You need a six-word tagline that your readers can interpret in just 3 seconds. Be honest, keep it simple, and don’t make it complex. If you are young, your brand name can be secondary to your tagline. It will be effective to draw people towards your booth.

Use this tagline to describe what your brand is about. This way, you will attract people strongly interested in your brand and its product.

The Focal Piece

You need to choose one product as your main focal booth. Consider what you want people to remember about the show when they think about your booth or brand. Your flagship product can change from one show to another. If you launch a new product or want to solve an issue, you may want to promote that first.

The Backdrop

Your backdrop plays a vital role. It can make or break your booth. So be careful what you put there. Don’t use this space for decoration and all that useless stuff. Instead, this is a prime real estate for you to market your product.

Therefore, if you will launch a new product, use it to market it. Use digital graphics, but make sure your message is clear. Get a custom-printed fabric backdrop with an upcoming product on it. It’s a great way to promote your product across the trade show. It conveys your message to people who didn’t even visit your booth.

QR Code and Print Graphics

Digital graphics will remain the top piece of your booth’s graphical real estate, so you must use them effectively. Integrate QR codes into print graphics because it’s a useful upgrade. Scanning the code will set the visitor to your product’s webpage. Ensure this online page has everything your consumer needs about the product.

This little touch will have a great effect on your audience. It’s a cutting-edge way to lead people to your website and product. It’s a personal touch that will influence the potential audience to buy from you.

Bright Colors

You should only use three colors. It helps to get your message across the board. If you use a lot of different colors, it will make your booth look busy, and it will confuse your message. So keep it simple.

While at it, you better respect empty spaces. You better leave 40% of your booth’s space empty. Yes, half of your graphics space should be left alone.  You have only one shot of creating an expression that lasts, so you don’t want to clutter your chance with useless stuff. Once again, simple is better!