The Role of Stellar Graphic Design in Boosting Your Ecommerce Sales

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Have you encountered an attractive ad while browsing on Facebook, playing on your mobile, or reading a blog post, and it led you to download an app or buy an item from the store?

If you have, then you’ve witnessed first-hand one of the ecommerce hacks that online entrepreneurs use to grow their online sales — powerful graphic designs.

Carefully crafted designs are crucial when influencing people to make a purchase and increasing your conversion rates.

If you’re an ecommerce store owner and you’re unfamiliar with the sales-boosting role that graphic designs play, this guide is for you.

Let’s hop right in.

It can direct the attention of your website visitors

For your graphic designs to be effect, they don’t always have to be stunning and mindblowing.

Something simple, clutter-free, and clean can work. Often times, it’s these types of designs that can do well when it comes to directing your audiences’ attention to certain crucial sections of your websites — like you CTAs.KlientBoost’s page is a noteworthy example of a webpage with a graphic design that’s clean, simple, yet carefully-designed to draw in conversions.

Graphic design image 22The button is centered and cohesive with the rocket ship icon, text and overall website design.

Unlike common CTAs like “Download Now,” KlientBoost’s CTA is also more actionable, compelling, and descriptive.

Outstanding graphic designs like this help you keep and convert the customers you have attracted.

If you’re using animations for your ads and product videos, stellar graphic design also matters.

However, if you’re putting them in your website, make sure they don’t compromise your user experience, so your customers don’t click away immediately.

You can learn how to do that by reading guides on UX animation available online.

It sets the tone and mood of your users

A stellar graphic design sets the tone and mood that can entice your customers toward your sales campaign.

Colors, lightness or darkness, typography, and other elements play a part to set the tone.See this example from Kate Spade New York’s “Unlock Your Heart” campaign on Instagram:

Graphic design image 33The pink, violet, and red color scheme matches the creative, girly, and playful fashion interest of their audience. 

Multiple posts with this mood excite their audience to join the campaign and buy Kate Spade bags with metallic heart fasteners that you can unlock.

When designing your visuals, make sure they represent your brand and buyer persona. Doing so invites your prospects to patronize your brand and buy from your virtual shelf.

It reflects your brand identity

Your graphic designs reflect what your brand is like. They convey who you are, who your target market is, and what you do.

Logos are one of the primary graphics that reflect your brand identity. Your logo design contains elements that represent attributes of your ecommerce business.

Let’s take Amazon, for example:

Graphic design image 44Amazon’s logo symbolizes what they aim to do. The arrow from “a”  to “z” shows their commitment to transport your order from its warehouse to your doorstep.

The arrow also describes a smile from fully satisfied customers, with its orange color portraying happiness.

If your logo depicts your brand accurately, people understand your business, associate you quickly with your products, and likely choose to buy from you.

Mind you, creating a precise logo design is not easy. But a professional graphic designer can visualize your brand identity in a simple yet creative and compelling way.

If you want an accurate logo design for your business, you can tap one of the numerous graphic designers online. Investing in the right one can go far in boosting your ecommerce sales.

It builds credibility and customer trust

Let’s say you’re looking to lease cars, and you came across a website with this design:

Graphic design image 55Would you think this business was legitimate if their site looked like that?

You probably won’t.

It has artsy and colorful patterns, differing fonts, icons and real images, and other elements. They don’t only blend well together; they’re also deemed improper for a car leasing business.

Overall, their sloppy design makes you doubt if they’re the real deal, despite its claim, “you can trust me.”

Whereas, if you visited a website with a cleaner layout and cohesive graphics, like this one below, you’ll feel safer engaging with them.

Graphic design image 66The graphic design should make you look credible and professional so people feel they can trust you with their money.

Use only one or two simple fonts and the right amount of emphasis to make your text readable. Appropriate graphics and complementary elements should be placed strategically.

To produce well-designed visuals, especially for your website homepage, you can outsource professional graphic designers. 

Create a brief for them, outlining your business credentials so that they can project a trustworthy image of your ecommerce store.

It supports your SEO efforts

Content marketing is strategic for boosting your ecommerce sales. 

However, for your customers to consume your content until the end, you shouldn’t fill it with dense blocks of text alone.

Sprinkle some stunning graphics appropriately, too, like informational videos and infographics. They help make your content extra-relevant, interactive, and valuable.

Graphic design image 77If your content is useful, more people are likely to consume and share it, supporting your SEO and image-building efforts. These can eventually lead to better ecommerce sales.

It communicates your message effectively

Graphic design helps you communicate your message effectively in a way that words alone cannot.

Let’s say you want to present statistics that show your ecommerce business is the #1 choice of your customers.

Numerical figures only are boring and easy to miss. But if you present them in infographics, your audience is likely to get your message directly and be impressed.

Graphic design image 88Infographics are much more chewable, catchy, and shareable. With it, you can reach a wider audience you can convince to choose and buy your products.

While hiring graphic designers to produce infographics is desirable, you can also find online tools that help you do them yourself.

Canva is one of those tools every entrepreneur uses because it has pre-designed and pre-sized templates you can readily work from. 

It’s easy, and you don’t need to be a professional designer to use it.

It aids your sales funnel

Your graphic designs can serve various purposes in any step of your sales funnel.

For instance, to attract your customers, you can run appealing product ads on social media or mobile apps.

You can even display your discounts and sales through high-quality photos on your website banner or social media pages.

When prospects click on the ad, lead them to your page with your 3D informational product video. Showcase your product’s features in detail and elaborate on the benefits. 

Finally, lead your customers to a flashy and enticing “Buy Now” button.

Remember to streamline your sales funnel first so you can identify which visual best serves your intended purpose for every phase.

Final Thoughts

Graphic design plays an indispensable role to attract and engage your customers and eventually boost your ecommerce sales.

Knowing these roles will help you strategize and leverage graphic design in any aspect of your ecommerce business.

If you’ve learned much from this guide, please take three seconds to hit the share button. Cheers!

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