Graphic Design: Five Misconceptions About It

Most of us are familiar with ‘Graphic Design’ as it is applied in various commercial activities nowadays. Unfortunately, even though we think that we know about it, there are still some misconceptions that exist and need to be debunked according to Singapore based printing and rubber stamp maker, Kiasu Rubber Stamp.

But the question is “what kind of misconceptions?”

Here are some of the most popular misconceptions about graphic design that should be debunked right away!

  1. Graphic Design = Decorating

For some people, graphic design is just about decorating. The fact? No, it is not entirely true! It does more than just make things look better and nicer on the eyes by adding some effects or anything. But what makes it more than just decorating? That is because graphic design is actually a way to visually communicate ideas or concepts more effectively. That is why the designer does more than just decorating. They use their knowledge in the psychology of engagement to create visuals that can inspire specific responses, apply their knowledge in the organization to create good designs, and many more things they do to communicate value or ideas effectively and engagingly!

  1. Graphic Design Is Only for Print-Related Things

We often see brochures, magazines, posters, or any print-related things with attractive designs on them. But to think that graphic design is only applied or created on print media is a misconception that must be debunked ASAP! Why? Because today, graphic design is also applied digitally, such as on website design and video design.

  1. Revisions Can Be Completed in just a Short Time

Usually, for customers who have no experience in design, some of them think that the designer will complete their requested revision in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, not all revisions can be done quickly in just a few minutes.

The time it takes to complete a revision varies on request. If the thing to revise is just about a typo, it can be completed relatively quickly. But if it’s something more complicated, of course, it will take more time to complete!

  1. Graphic Designers Know What You Need and Want

Another misconception about graphic design is that the designer knows what you want and need. Unfortunately, graphic designers don’t have any superpower to read your mind to find out what you want. Because of that, clear communication and input are super important for the designer to understand what you exactly want and expect.

  1. The Simpler the Design, the Cheaper the Price

Today, we see lots of simple logos. But does that mean companies pay less for simple designs than complex ones? That is actually what some people are still thinking now.

The apple logo, one of the most iconic and popular logos nowadays, costs $100.000! That is just an apple logo with a simple design. But it costs really high! That is why, it is a misconception to think that the simpler the design, the less money will have to be spent on it.

FYI: Usually simple designs are easier to remember, like the apple logo. But, when it comes to making it, more psychology is put into the process of it!

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