Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corp.: A Profile for Investors

Cannabis article - image 1Prospective cannabis investors are overwhelmed with choices these days. One of the companies that often makes the cut for inclusion in many portfolios is Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corporation. Here’s a closer look at the company for those who are not yet familiar with its unique strengths.


Greenway’s mission is to lead their industry, and this is no empty boast. The company already has the resources, personnel, access to a massive labor force and several proprietary products that no other organization in this segment can match. Specifically stated, the goal of the Greenway management team is to dominate the sector based on producing the highest quantity of cannabis of the very highest quality. Further, they aim to achieve that singular goal by delivering their product at the lowest price.

While the corporate name includes the word green, the corporate team is by no means inexperienced. In fact, they have been distributing and growing produce across the continent and successfully running huge greenhouses for several decades. The firm’s four-part advantage over its competitors includes a top team of growers, the very best product available, unparalleled access to a huge pool of labor, and the goal of operating nearly 2.3 million square feet of greenhouse facilities in the near future.

Professional Team of Growers

Most startups and established companies in this highly competitive industry often have teams with little or no growing experience. It’s quite common for industry leaders to have nothing more than a corporate management background and no relevant experience in the cannabis industry or the agricultural market at all. The Greenway team is composed of professional growers. All of them have vast experience with cultivation and distribution of agricultural products on a massive scale.

The Best Product in the Industry

In an expanding industry, it is essential for competitive players to have access to the very best product. Greenway boasts a truly diverse and extraordinarily unique seed bank, unlike that of any other entity in the niche. This allows Greenway to develop a wide spectrum of strains and offer only the highest-quality product to consumers.

Access to Most Experienced and Talented Labor Force

Large growing and distributing operations must have access to a vast pool of labor. The majority of producers are inherently limited due to their small work force and inability to hire large numbers of skilled workers on a moment’s notice. Greenway has spent years building solid relationships with offshore labor groups that offer access to highly experienced and skilled workers.


The cannabis market is currently expanding at a rapid rate. Many companies, even when they’re able to deliver a quality product, just can’t keep up with demand. Others who race to meet the growing consumer needs do so by cutting quality and rushing out a sub-standard product. Greenway’s plan of operating more than 2.3 million square feet of warehouse space, backed by a virtually unlimited, talented labor force means they’ll be able to deliver as much high-quality product as the market demands on a given day.

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