5 Strategies to Use to Grow Your Business as an Influencer

Influencer image 3333You might be surprised by the title, influencers growing their business? Although you really shouldn’t be – exceedingly, the way influencers can most successfully run their platforms is by looking at it as a business and applying the rich techniques and strategies the business world has developed to thrive in their competitive markets.

The transition, however, isn’t perfect as not everything from the business world is applicable to use as an influencer, but most of the important elements are, and this article will help you familiarize yourself with some of them to become more successful and increase your income.

#1 Connections Matter

Just like the business world, your contacts matter a lot – if you know successful and famous people, you’ll be able to gather a large following relatively quickly and painlessly. What’s more, socializing is even easier. You can easily contact influential people online. There are a few things you should be keeping in mind while trying to establish a connection with these people:

  • Most of them are swarmed with requests and get hundreds of messages every day. If you are relatively early on in your career, it is relatively impossible to get your hands on one of the more influential influencers. That’s why you need to think about the way you’re contacting them. Make sure you stand out in your message and can provide them with something in exchange for their help – getting the tone and content of these messages can be extremely hard, but getting it down can be your ticket to success.
  • You need to be realistic with your prospects and understand that you’ll still benefit from having connections with influencers that have relatively similar sizes to yours. In fact, these influencers will be much more receptive to requests of teaming up. As such, you should try to contact this sort of influencers regularly and try to team up with them as much as possible.

#2 You Must Have Plans

You must have a good idea of where your industry is heading, what are the current trends that are making the rounds, and what might the future hold. If you fail to plan adequately, the internet will leave you behind and jump on a new fad – it is extremely hard to keep the attention of your followers in today’s digital world and without adequate research and planning you’ll see them flock to new things relatively quickly.

You can counteract this by closely monitoring your follower-base and look at how they react to your videos – you can do this on most platforms empirically looking at the interactions your posts/videos get and how positive they are. This with a dose of diverse news sources on your platform should equip you to at least maintain your followers and slowly increase them.

#3 Use Tools and Techs to Help You

It is impossible to manage a business without extensive help from professional tools that save you time and let you manage different aspects of your business effectively. The same is true for being an influencer – you’ll eventually have an eCommerce platform, you need to take donations, you’ll have to sell stuff to your customers, and all of this requires a lot of work and research. That’s why you need to look for professional tools that can make your work easier and give you superior results in a short amount of time.

Sadly, the influencer-world isn’t as developed as the business world, and the tools and software available are rather primitive. Although that’s slowly changing – excellent startups like FourthWall are cropping up that make it extremely easy for you to manage your revenue streams and successfully diversify your business. You should check them out and keep on the lookout for other tools that might make your life easier.

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