Growing Trend Of School And College Students Taking Jobs Inception

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It is a commonly observed phenomenon, nowadays, that majority of the college students are working. Though the trend is similar in different regions of the world however the motivation behind this trend is observing variations depending upon the demography. The experiences behind this trend are not random. To add more to the worst is that those who are doing a low paying job have to work for longer hours as compared to their counterparts.

As working students with low income are easy to be persuaded to work full-time. This has resulted in decrease number of those who were working full time. According to a research carried out by Georgetown researchers 25 percent of working students are enrolled full time in college along with full time employment. So they ask various essay writing services to write my essay for me cheap UK based due to the shortage of time.

1. Ease the Burden of a Student Loan:

Over the past few decades, the cost of colleges have blown so high that it becomes impossible for students coming from varying background to carry on their education in full spirit. So they are working along with studies in order to generate some income. However the income they are generating is not enough to foot the full cost at college. It only helps lighten the huge debt burden.

2. Adds Experience Along with Academics:

Secondly it is benefitting in a sense as it adds a plus point in resume. This will give an edge to working students over those who are indulged in full time study most of the employers prefer experience over grades, especially when the experience is related to the field of study. Even the experience of fields other than the academics boosts professional skills. This may be especially true for women as they face growing challenges balancing traditional family responsibilities with heightened professional demands. (Warren, 2019) These challenges include stress management while working under deadlines etc. A person becomes more disciplined and responsible which is the major requirement of a job market.

  • Example:

It was reported by a specialized staffing firm namely Robert Half Technology that 71 percent of chief information officers put experience on top priority rather than the degree while hiring a person. It is not meant to forge the idea that education is not important but the fact that those who aspire technology professionals must gain hands on experience while getting education. In order to manage time between academics and job, students can buy custom essay, to help them able to continue the job with education.

3. Access to College Career Centers:

While the students are at some college or a school they can take advantage of accessing the college career centers. These centers can bring opportunities to them in finding a right job. Students can develop a network that help them to access employers, internships and other social works in compliance with their particular field. Working students can also benefit in strengthening their career by taking career development courses and attending networking days. They can attend seminars and conferences in this regard. So that any requirement for further counseling can be done before hand. These counselors can guide student, based on their human potential and the best suited options available to them in terms of a particular industry. This counseling spruce out the resumes of students with their unique potential.

4. Threshold of Pros Into Cons:

All the above discussion shows that working along with academics has its pros for students on one hand, no doubt, but it is a threshold towards cons on the other hand as well. And when one puts on a measuring scale it becomes quite clear that it starts to do harm which will stay for the rest of the life with students.

This can be understood by considering a fact that those students who divide their time between job and studies are in fact torn apart in between the two. They are continuously in a struggle to create a balance between these two schedules. This will end up in getting low grades in studies.  They even miss deadlines too due to the lack of motivation for the accomplishment of their academic responsibilities. (bestassignmentwriters, 2022).That is why reports show that those students who work less are getting enrolled in grad schools for getting their bachelor’s degree done. Further not all the students are engaged in high income jobs so that they can choose it as a long term professional goal. And to add more mostly they are working so as to be able to put food on the table.

5. Working Student As An Optimal Outcome

Working along with studies does hurt the learning abilities of students at school and college but it is a lucid fact that it increases their earning skills. At time students have to go through the toughest of schedules but it leads to their premiums later, in term of professional life. Even researches were carried out to judge the students worth and came out with the results that optimal output is the one where students stepped out of the college bearing degree but also an experience certificate.

6. Popular Opinion of Students:

Differed interviews were carried out to gauge what are the thought processes of students actually, in regard to taking jobs along with academics. A considerable chunk put forth the idea that they are not in a position to make any specific declaration in this regard. However if it is helping the students in pursuance of a balance between their academics and private life, then there should definitely be some institutional support to them.

While on the other hand, many college students were those who were already embarked upon the journey of developing skills that are required by enterprises who offer their dream jobs. It is a fact that some institutions are still focused on imparting mere learning among their students.


Although there are the two sides of the fact that there is a growing trend of college and school students getting jobs still it is a fact that they are doing so indeed. So better decisions are needed to be taken in order to connect these working students with their academics and vice versa.


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