Growth in Popularity of Online Casino Games in Canada

The pandemic changed all aspects of our lives. It affected all industries, and online gambling is one that came out as a winner. The lockdown forced people to stay at home, looking for ways to spend leisure time.

According to reports, the worldwide internet gaming market was worth $66.7 billion in 2020, which is an eight-million increase compared to the previous year. The Canadian gambling market seems to follow these trends since growth in online casino games’ popularity is evident. Here are some crucial observations related to web gaming in Canada!

A Better Situation Than in the United States

The general impression is that Canada’s online gambling laws aren’t as strict as in the United States. From the perspective of players, that’s better because they have more options available.

Despite that, it’s not easy to find a trustworthy Canadian online casino, which is why professional reviews and recommendations might help. These select casinos comply with relevant laws and regulations in Canada to make your job easier. Additionally, you get a detailed overview of games, bonuses, and other benefits offered by the best casinos.

A Significant Source of Revenue

The national government left it to state authorities to decide whether they’ll allow gambling. That’s why the legality situation varies depending on the province, but most territories recognized the importance of online gaming revenue. It’s better to have legal casinos and profit from them while protecting players, especially since that’s a fighting mechanism against illegal gambling channels. It’s why we see regulation bodies like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission getting established. These reputable authorities issue a license that the platform meets all relevant laws and is a transparent business. If a player sees the certificate by KGC, they can rest assured the operator is trustworthy.

Quebec Is the Leader Among Provinces

If we analyze provinces, it seems that Quebec takes the top spot for iGaming. They put an effort into implementing a legal framework that every Canadian online casino should meet, and it secured results. Today, the province has legitimate operators with a safe playing environment and increased revenue from the industry.

Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and other provinces also made efforts to implement an improved legal framework. Although it takes time for the results to be visible, that should contribute to further web gaming industry growth in Canada.

Web-Based Platforms Have Never Been This Accessible

Apart from relaxed regulations, the secret of online casino gaming growth also lies in accessibility. Everyone has a mobile phone these days, and those devices are equipped with high-speed internet. Thanks to fast data transfers, users can enjoy a smooth gambling experience when visiting online casinos.

The operators have done their part by ensuring mobile-friendly websites. Those sites adjust to the screen size of the device used by the player. Some providers even have dedicated apps for Android and iOS. Customers can download them for free for a streamlined and improved playing experience.

Developers of software and live casino games accepted the trend of making their titles mobile-friendly a long time ago. Today, you can enjoy the same games on PC and portable devices, such as smartphones and iPads. Whether you are a slot fan or prefer blackjack and roulette, you can easily access the desired games.

Players Show Increased Interest in Online Casinos

Web-based casinos have many benefits compared to traditional facilities. Here are some quick advantages:

  • Safer than land-based casinos – in times of pandemics, that becomes a crucial factor.
  • Excellent game selection – online platforms often offer hundreds of games of all types and genres.
  • Accessible around the clock – web-based operators are available 24/7.
  • Easy to access – instead of heading to the facility, you only need to grab an internet-ready device and enjoy your favourite games.

It’s worth noting that players in Canada can enjoy games from premium developers. That includes industry pioneers like Microgaming and NetEnt, but also promising companies like Yggdrasil and Wazdan. The stake worth and prizes depend on the game, but rewards can be life-changing. Progressive slots are famous for huge jackpots that often reach multi-million sums.

Room for Improvement

According to the report commissioned by the Canadian Gaming Association, the gaming industry was worth $17.1 billion in 2017. That includes revenues from actual playing, but also a $1 billion of income related to additional amenities. Those are foods, drinks, accommodations, stores on the premises, etc.)

The experts believe there’s still room for improvement. Some unofficial estimations are that there are platforms operating outside the laws, and offering a way to legalize them could benefit the government. It could secure additional income while providing a safer environment for players.

It’s evident that the gambling industry in Canada is moving in the right direction. More players and platforms are joining the action every day. It’s safe to say we’ll see further growth in the coming years since the industry’s future seems bright.

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