Gtechniq – The best ways to clean your car’s windscreen

A crystal clear windscreen looks magnificent, of course, adding to the overall aesthetic look. However, there are other, more practical reasons that having a clean windscreen is beneficial and even important.

To keep your windscreen in prime condition, you’ll want to know a few tips and tricks to avoid pitfalls along the way.

This article will look at what you can do to have a windscreen that will offer you safety and that will look beautiful too.

Why are clean windscreens important?

Besides them looking better when they are clean, it’s vitally important that the driver has a clear view out of the windscreen of their car. Without this, accidents are more likely to occur and endanger those within and nearby.

Technically, your car could fail its MOT if your windscreen isn’t clean enough. Avoid the unnecessary hassle and financial burden of further MOTs by ensuring it is road safe.

What products do I need for a clean windscreen?

For a clean windscreen, a few high-quality products are advised. The essentials include:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Multiple clean cloths
  • Water
  • A brush

There are some important things to remember about the types of products you use too. Firstly, avoid glass cleaners that contain ammonia as they can deface your windscreen’s surface. This is why Gtechniq’s G6 Perfect Glass product, for instance, contains no chemicals that could harm your car.

Next, microfibre cloths are best for your vehicle because they won’t cause any harm to the appearance. Having several clothes means that you can use some to wash and clean the outside, and then others to do the same for the windscreen’s interior.

A source of water, to dilute your cleaning solution and especially if your windscreen is particularly dirty, is beneficial. Tap water is easily accessible for most, but might leave small spots on your windscreen – an issue you shouldn’t have with purified water.

A brush is usually only required if there is a significant amount of dirt to remove from the windscreen.

What techniques should I use to clean the windscreen?

Lift the wiper blades up before commencing. This way you can clean every inch of your windscreen and your wiper blades too.

It’s advised to clean your windscreen last if you plan on washing the body of your car to avoid the products used on the rest of your car ruining your windscreen’s cleaning.

When you begin cleaning your windscreen, stick to up and down motions and avoid swirling. This will reduce the likelihood of streaks appearing on your windscreen.

Clean one half of your windscreen at a time. The reason for this is so that you aren’t climbing across your car’s bonnet to finish the job on the other side unnecessarily, meaning you can perform a better job of cleaning.

The job isn’t done when you’ve cleaned the outside of your windscreen, either. It’s equally as important for the driver’s vision that you clean the inside too. A similar method to the outside will suffice.

For further information on the best way to clean your car’s windscreen, visit the Gtechniq website.