Guide to Finding the Best CRM for Your Business

If you are contemplating investing in customer relationship management (CRM) software, it means your business is growing, and that’s a good thing. But, finding a CRM system that aligns perfectly with what your business does is not a simple task. There are many CRM systems out there; examples include hospitality CRM’s, real estate CRM’s, and healthcare CRM’s. While one may work well for a specific type of business, that does not necessarily mean that it will be ideal for another.

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CRM uses is technology companies use to manage all of their relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. CRM tools analyze as much information as possible about customers to help businesses build better relationships with customers and boost customer retention, which ultimately drives sales growth. Companies can tailor their offerings for each customer through gathering data across customer interactions and processing this information to find hidden patterns.

So what do you need to know? Firstly, you have to consider a number of factors before committing to a final product as many business owners end up with CRMs that are either too expensive for what they require or are short of important analytics features. This guide will help you find a tool that truly takes the workload off your shoulders and guarantees you value for your money.

Find something that is Easy to Use

Many CRMs are sophisticated and designed for large companies with numerous employees and departments. All those extra features come at a cost, and paying for them when you are not going to use them is unwise. More to the point, you are probably going to require special training to get the most out of them. So you have to be sure that the CRM tool you decide to use is easy to learn

On the flipside, if the software is difficult to navigate and work with, your ROI, efficiency, and data accuracy will be affected along with your team’s motivational levels to actually use the system correctly. Assess each of your options critically and go for whichever solution offers the best combination of utility and ease of use.

It’s very important that you find a tool that works for you and is not too much of a hassle to set up and get working.

Check how it integrates with other systems

Integrations are crucial in the usability of any CRM tool. You sales and marketing teams may require different features and systems to work together, and if your CRM doesn’t integrate with existing tools, you will be compelled to bridge the gap manually.

The good thing about contemporary CRM tools is that they have most of the functionalities of these third party systems built in. This means, you get to view and analyze all your business data on the same interface. A simple and effective CRM such as HubSpot would be a good place to start as an SME. You can also consider more sophisticated HubSpot alternatives as customers increase or your needs change.

Check its efficiency in streamlining workflows and approvals

Consider a CRM that simplifies workflows and makes sales management straightforward. The tool should be comprehensive and useful from the moment a lead is detected to when the sale is finalized. It should enable your team to make calls and record any interactions made with clients. It should provide a way for your sales representatives to access transcripts and spreadsheets with ready answers for questions customers are likely to ask. Transaction monitoring and discount approval should be just as easy to execute.

Look at its ease of reporting

CRM software is a database of some sort in itself. Most, if not all, of your business and customer data is stored in it. With effective reporting capabilities, a CRM can help you measure your company’s success and optimize your sales and marketing strategies with ease.

Reporting is an important feature, and virtually all CRMs have it. Find the one that suits your kind of business and doesn’t require too much manual input of data. At the very least, the reporting feature should allow your team to build custom fields to monitor specific concerns.

Is the CRM customizable?

Sales pipelines can differ greatly from business to business. Businesses have different traffic sources, and some may wish to take their customers through their websites and blogs first. The nature of the product being offered may be different too and target audiences are never the same. A customizable CRM saves you the need to tweak your business operations to align them with the software’s capabilities.

Various CRM solutions are tailored for different niches and business sizes. Consider your marketing and sales processes, and estimate the customization level that will work best for your business.

Consider the tool’s scalability

It is every business’s objective to grow and become an internationally recognized brand one day. Every decision and move you make at any point should be in line with your future plans. Your CRM strategy should be no exception. Whichever tool you adopt, ensure it can handle the increased data analysis responsibilities that will come if and when your expansion plans take shape. This requires you to think about the future of your business and begin ensuring that all the tools are in place to facilitate growth.

Your CRM of choice should not only be adjustable to handle new and changing business processes but it should also promise to add more features as time goes by. It should be a solution you can trust will adopt new ideas and technologies as they come out and give you the edge on your rivals.


The number of CRMs on the market continues to increase by the day. Finding the right one is even harder with everyone hyping their product. The above tips can help you make the right choice and achieve the success you are seeking with your business. Take advantage of the free trials and subscriptions that come with most CRMs to understand and determine the utility of each tool. More importantly, ensure the software you choose is compatible with your type of business and will actually reduce your workload.


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