Guide to Buying Wholesale Fuel

Wholesale fuel image 333Whether you are a business owner, or an individual who uses fuel for a variety of things, there are many benefits that come with buying fuel at wholesale prices. Continue reading our guide to get the best information on buying wholesale fuel and why it is better than purchasing fuel at retail prices.

What is Wholesale Fuel?

Wholesale fuel is bulk fuel that you purchase from a supplier instead of the small amounts you get from retailers. A good example of retail fuel is the fuel you would purchase from a gas station. The price you pay for wholesale fuel is considerable lower because you are buying it straight from the supplier in bulk amounts. Farmers often purchase wholesale fuel because of how much of it they have to use to keep their business up and running.

The Difference Between Wholesale and Retail

Accessibility and price are the biggest differences between wholesale and retail fuels. When you buy fuel at a service station, you are paying a marked up price plus all of the fuel taxes. These markups are so that the business selling the fuel, who purchased it at wholesale, is able to make a profit off of it. When you buy wholesale fuel, you are only paying a portion of that price.

Purchasing wholesale fuel allows you to have certain accessibility that would be unattainable otherwise. You will be able to store it in your onsite tanks and for anytime access.

Why Wholesale is Better

Wholesale fuel is better because of the increased efficiency. Suppliers deliver fuel to sites monthly which saves customers a lot of time and keeps their on-site tanks full. Companies like Beesley Fuels sell bulk fuel and deliver it at no cost.

Buying fuel at wholesale prices cuts out the middleman which means you pay less for the fuel. Imagine fueling farming equipment at retail prices. Your business would lose a significant amount of money with those costs.

Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Fuel

Pricing will always be a major benefit to purchasing wholesale fuel. However, there are more reasons to buy in bulk.

Factories, fleets and government facilities are offered wholesale fuel at competitive rates. There are different pricing plans available that makes it easy for anyone to pay for bulk fuel. Payment plans can be negotiated to you can get what works best for your business.

When you agree on a plan with a wholesale fuel supplier, you can depend on each payment cycle to be precise and timely. Payment cycles are monthly. When you sign on with a company, you will know exactly what you are paying for. With retail fuel you may be paying for rates and taxes that you were previously unaware of.

One of the most important benefits to purchasing wholesale fuel is the predictability. While retail prices are changing constantly, wholesale prices are pretty well maintained. There will be no worries of fluctuating costs and it will be easy to predetermine the amount that you will pay on each bill.

Finally, there will be fewer unplanned and emergency expenses. Fuel will be delivered to your on site storage tanks regularly so you can rest assured knowing you will always have fuel on hand.

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