A Smart Guide to Furnace Installation

It’s important to make the right decisions in order to stay comfortable in the cold months of winter. That means you should get an efficient heating solution for your home that will run smoothly through the coldest season. Also, if you are reflecting on whether to repair the heating equipment that you have or to buy one, you must research properly. Furthermore, if you are looking for ways to save energy, our small guide to furnace installation will help you to get your questions answered. We have provided the information needed for you to make smart decisions about your heating equipment.

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Images: adapted from https://smarterhouse.org/heating-systems/types-heating-systems

We understand how overwhelming it is to find the right heating equipment for your home. However, there are a variety of options you can look at depending on the requirements of your home. Moreover, we have all kinds of features available to customize your equipment for your better comfort.

Heating companies are willing to help you get proper comfort in the winter season through the introduction of a new furnace. We have mentioned some details below to help you navigate through the complexities of buying and renting decisions.

Basically, there are 3 main types of furnaces. They are:

  1. Single Stage Furnaces
  2. 2 Stage Furnaces
  3. Modulating Furnaces

Single Stage Furnaces

The most common and basic type of furnace installed in households is the single-stage furnace. his type of furnace is considered to have only one set. It works at the maximum flame setting when it’s on, as it does not have any middle ground system, except for an on and off button. The single-stage furnace is also the one that comes with a lower upfront cost so it might not turn out to be the most efficient option.

2 Stage Furnaces

The 2 stage furnace has two different settings that are the high setting and the medium intensity setting. You can change both the settings in order to deliver a wide range of operations to the furnace. Also, the 2 stage furnace is considered to be more expensive than the single-stage furnace but is found more energy-efficient. The reason for this is the different levels of heating options available with it.

Modulating Furnaces

Modulating furnaces come with advanced heating technology which is an extremely reliable choice for your home. The flame of modulating furnace increases and decreases with narrow increments that help in maintaining your home’s temperature in an effective manner.

All three types of furnaces are great options for heating your home. However, furnace prices are going high but finding the right one for you should come down to your home, budget and desired level of efficiency.

After choosing the right heating equipment for your home, make sure to know some basic features for easy usage and comfort. This can be things like:

Air Filtration: this will reduce the amount of dust collecting in your system.

Ignition System: this would improve the system’s efficiency.

Variable Heat Output: this improves the system’s comfort and will again make it more efficient.

Zoned Heating: this makes for heat to be supplied to specific areas in your home.

It is always best to choose a high-efficiency furnace as it leads to greater cost savings in the long-run and is much more beneficial for the environment. 



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