5 Amazing Hacks to Improve Writing Skills

Now that you are speaking English, it is time to start improving your writing skills. When communicating with native English speakers through non-verbal communication, your writing skills will come in handy.

Hacks to Improve Writing Skills

Being able to speak English is quite easy, writing, on the other hand, can be more complex, because in writing we need to check everything like the sentence, grammar, paragraphs, the flow of the topic, etc…However, as you begin to integrate into an English or even international society, you will discover that you are using non-verbal communication more.

To help you get started, we decided to list the best 5 amazing hacks to improve writing skills. If you follow these 5 hacks diligently, you will notice that your writing will improve and you will be writing like a native in no time.

Follow These Hacks to Improve Your English Writing

  1. Write a Better Writing with Reading

If you want to improve your English writing skills, you should read more English books. Good English books are of better quality and are edited and published by well-known publishers. However, you can apply many other convenient methods to start reading more.

Try to read blogs, subscribe to news channels, read English newspapers, and even read English comments on the site. You can develop different writing styles from the various contents you read or through style guides. Newspapers can teach you more professional writing styles, while blogs or comments can teach you how to create simple interactive content.

  1. Use an App or Buy a Dictionary and a Thesaurus

Applications like Grammarly can help you greatly improve your writing style. This application (and the website) correct your grammar and spelling mistakes and offers you an alternative.

If you don’t want to install an application, a dictionary, and a simple thesaurus will suffice. A thesaurus will show you synonyms (words with a similar meaning) and a dictionary will show you the definition of a word. Both are essential when you want to learn to write in English.

  1. Avoid Slang and Text Abbreviations

When you want to improve your writing skills, avoid jargon like the plague. Jargon is your enemy if you want to write English well and write proper English. The same goes for abbreviations such as LOL etc. You will not be able to improve your English or writing skills if you continue to go to the lingo. It will also make reading your text painful for any native speaker. Although “You” is a word, however, the word you are really looking for is. It’s not a word you think. These are just a few of the many examples.

In general, terminology negatively affects spelling and makes it difficult for English speakers to understand what you are trying to convey. The importance of using proper English at all times should not be overlooked and at no time will you discover that your writing in English has improved tremendously only with the correct use of grammar and spelling.

  1. Improve your Daily English Writing

Consistent writing will greatly improve your writing skills. Focus on writing instead of writing whenever possible, especially as a beginner. Try to make a journal every day. Maintaining a journal will help you improve your vocabulary and writing skills. When writing in your journal, focus on sentence structure and writing style.

Your writing style should be appropriate for the occasion, and if you feel sad or dejected, describe how you feel. This should help you improve your general English writing skills, but it will come in handy when it’s time to speak English.

  1. Write about the occasion

This is very important. The English writing style will change with writing settings and reasons. When writing for business purposes, please insist on writing in a professional tone. Your writing can be more formal, and you should be able to communicate your message easily. It is important to be polite but not too friendly. Remember, someone at the other end of the email will read it, but don’t know how you wrote it or in what tone. Okay, keep it formal but simple.

These are my finalist writing skills. As you can see from these top tips for improving your writing skills, practice is perfect. Over time, you will find that your writing will flow more naturally, and your speech will improve as a result.

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