Hair Transplant in Turkey – How is it Done Successfully?

If you look around, you’ll notice that baldness, hair thinning, and other indications of hair loss aren’t exclusive to a particular age grade or gender. It’s common among male and female adults that are old or young. While it’s potent enough to wreck people’s appearance and self-confidence, it can be curtailed and corrected by a surgical procedure known as a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant in Turkey
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Thanks to the series of medical breakthroughs in cosmetic medicine, and the increase in numbers of skilled practitioners, hair transplant has become one of the most accessible, effective, and painless solutions to hair loss. It’s a procedure that has retained its age-long complexity despite looking easy. It has also added so much sophistication due to the availability of newer methods.

As much as there are places to have the procedure, Turkey remains one of the best. So if you’re thinking about having your hair transplant done there, and you want to understand how it is successfully done, this is the place you’ll find out. But before we do that, let’s briefly examine what hair transplant is and highlight who is suitable for the procedure.

Hair Transplant Surgery

In the simplest terms, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves the movement of hair from an area that is replete to an area lacking, thin, or bald. It’s one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries because it’s meant to serve a growing population of people experiencing hair loss. In addition, it is a permanent treatment that’s been reported to have a high success rate.

However, the success rate of a hair transplant depends on who performs it. It’s a delicate cosmetic surgery that requires the highest level of expertise. If you choose surgeons and well-known clinics for offering hair transplant services like CapilClinic, you stand a good chance of getting the most desirable results. So you’re advised to choose only the best clinic to perform the procedure.

There are two major ways of performing a hair transplant: follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction method. The former entails a strip harvest of hair at the donor site, while the latter involves the individual removal of hair grafts from the donor area and the implantation of the grafts at the deposit or balding area. The methods patients choose always depend on the nature of their hair loss, finance, and the medical preference of the surgeon.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is one of the favorite destinations for tourists seeking hair restoration treatments. There are about 60,000 of them traveling yearly into the country solely for hair transplant operations. This has multiple implications that tie to one – Turkey has the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the world.

These clinics provide outstanding hair transplant services to all patients, no matter how mild or critical their hair loss is. They also offer all the latest hair transplant techniques, most of which can hardly be found in many other countries. These techniques are performed in facilities built to meet the sophisticated demand for hair transplant procedures and make patients as comfortable as possible.

For instance, if you step into CapilClinic hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you’ll see how many clinics in Turkey offer patients the best services. But, of course, the juiciest part of it is the affordability of the gold-standard hair care they offer. So whether you consult CapilClinic or any other notable hair transplant clinics in Turkey, the charges for your procedure will be relatively cheaper than the price in any other place in the world, and that wouldn’t reduce the hair success rate that is peculiar to many of the clinics in the country. But how do they do it?

How Hair Transplant is Successfully Done in Turkey

The successful outcome of hair transplants in Turkey is consistently maintained when clinics stick to the details and nuances of each of the procedures performed in the country. Using the two major techniques, the following is how hair transplant is successfully done in Turkey:

The FUT Transplant Technique

The FUT transplant method entails the incision of a measured layer of the skin at an area of the head with abundant hair. This could either be at the side of the head or the back. After this incision, the follicles in the skin layer cut are taken out, and they are dissected to be implanted in the area that’s bald or thinning.

This is the old hair transplant method,  but it remains a delicate process that requires skills and experience; that’s why it must be done by a professional. It’s also painful, but the pain is numbed with local anesthesia. This method usually leaves a linear scar in the area the hair was harvested, but it’s eventually buried when the hair around the area grows. The recovery time frame for this procedure is about two weeks.

The FUE Transplant Technique

The FUE is a much more modern, minimally invasive, and almost painless technique. It’s currently the most demanded hair transplant technique as it involves using a tool to punch around hair follicles in a donor site and the extraction of the follicles in this area. After extraction, the follicles are harvested and are individually implanted in the bald or hair deficient area. While it’s slightly costlier than the FUT procedure, it’s preferred because it leaves an unnoticeable scar and offers a natural-looking outcome. Patients may feel some pain, but it wanes off after a short period.

Unshaved Hair Transplant

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey also offer unshaved hair transplants. It’s a more complex procedure that involves leaving the hair in the transplant area unshaved. It’s preferred by female patients who don’t want to lose the hair they’ve labored to grow over a long period. This method can be applied to both FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques.


Again, the fact remains that the success of a hair transplant depends on the quality of those that conduct it. As Turkey is home to some of the best hair transplant clinics, you can travel there to have yours successfully done.

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