Hair Transplant Turkey – What Medical Tourists Stand to Gain

Hair grows in four distinct stages – the active stage where new hairs are formed, the transitional stage where they are cut off from the blood supply, the resting stage where they remain in the follicles but stop growing, and the final stage where they start falling out.

Since these phases aren’t synchronized across all follicles, it’s normal to experience some shedding on a daily basis. Most people lose between eighty and a hundred hairs a day. However, a problem arises when this number gets higher and fewer and fewer follicles restart the cycle from the final to the active stage. That’s where hair loss and balding become apparent.

Depending on what’s causing this excessive hair loss, the only permanent solution could be a hair transplant.

Hair transplant surgery has become a highly sought-after procedure, with more and more patients opting to have it done in Turkey. Learn what Turkey has to offer to medical tourists in need of hair transplants.

What makes hair transplants in Turkey so popular?

Hair transplant procedures have evolved over the past few years. With advancements in technology, it’s become possible to achieve completely natural-looking results after a single operation. However, the final appearance depends mainly on the expertise of the doctor performing the surgery.

The doctor must have years of experience to ensure minimal damage to the donor area (where transplanted hair comes from) and the best results in the recipient area (where hair loss is most apparent). They need to have the right skills and knowledge and use advanced medical tools. Expectedly, all of this comes with a hefty price tag in western countries such as the US.

For this reason, hair transplant in Turkey has become such a highly sought-after procedure.

Turkey offers affordable pricing without sacrificing quality. The country has some of the best hospitals and medical universities in the world, producing highly-skilled doctors with international renown. Clinics in Istanbul that offer hair transplant operation services enjoy an excellent reputation, providing the utmost quality of care and ensuring complete patient satisfaction.


Affordable hair transplants at Medart Hair Clinic

Among the top hair transplantation clinics in Turkey is the Medart Hair Clinic. Established with the goal of making hair transplantation accessible and affordable to all those suffering from hair loss, the clinic prides itself on its patient-centered care and the highest quality of service.

Hair transplant surgeons at the Medart Hair Clinic specialize in the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction), offering surgery with the highest numbers of grafts to patients seeking transplants in Turkey. They use cutting-edge tools to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy, delivering permanent, natural-looking results. Still, the clinic keeps its pricing affordable.

Having an FUE hair transplant at one of the transplant clinics in Turkey, such as the Medart Hair Clinic, can be up to 90% cheaper than having the same procedure in western countries like the US. Not because of less-skilled doctors or poorer equipment, but because of the simple difference in the costs of living.

Expenses such as housing, transportation, healthcare, food, and taxes are significantly lower in Turkey than in the US. Subsequently, services, including cosmetic treatments such as a Sapphire hair transplant in Istanbul, are much more affordable to international patients.

All-encompassing hair transplant packages

To simplify the process for international medical tourists, the Medart Hair Clinic offers all-encompassing hair transplant packages. During the primary online consultations, the patients will receive a quote that includes:

  • The hair transplant procedure;
  • Anesthesia;
  • Interpreters/translators (Turkish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic);
  • Post-op shampoo and medication;
  • Transport airport-hotel-clinic;
  • Accommodation at a nearby hotel.

Considering that the surgery could take anywhere from three to eight hours, the clinic provides entertainment to improve patient comfort. Free Wi-Fi is available, and patients can use the TV in the operating theater and bring music, movies, books, or other entertainment that suits them.

What hair transplant procedures at Medart Hair Clinic entail

The Medart Hair Clinic specializes in advanced transplant techniques, the aforementioned FUE, and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). While the treatments are similar, there are some crucial differences between them.

The FUE transplant begins with pain-free local anesthesia that numbs the donor and recipient areas while keeping the patient awake. The surgeon then starts extracting individual hair grafts from the donor area where the hair is thickest. The grafts are chosen strategically to ensure that the donor area keeps as much of its natural thickness as possible.

The surgeon will then leave the extracted grafts in a nutrient solution while they open channels in the recipient area to make room for the new hair follicles. Then, they insert the grafts one by one before wrapping the patient’s head in bandages.

The DHI transplant follows many of the same steps. The patient first receives pain-free local anesthesia, and grafts are carefully extracted from the donor area. However, they’re then loaded into a Choi pen – a specialized tool equipped with a hollow needle.

The hollow needle works to create openings in the recipient area and immediately insert the grafts without the need for any prior incisions. That reduces the damage to the surrounding tissues and improves the survivability rates of the grafts.

The surgery is then completed, and the doctor provides thorough instructions for after-care.

Noticeable results in a matter of months

Whether a patient receives the FUE or the DHI hair transplant, it will take some time before the results can become noticeable. In the first few months, some hair will likely fall out in a process known as shock hair loss.

Following this, new hair will start to grow as the follicles enter the active stage. It can take a little over 12 months for the full results to be visible.

Hair transplants in Turkey – a permanent treatment to hair loss at affordable costs

Hair transplants in Turkey are becoming increasingly sought-after. Experienced surgeons in clinics like the Medart Hair Clinic offer advanced procedures using cutting-edge tools and equipment. The results are natural-looking, voluminous hair with no signs of the previous surgery.

All treatments are available at affordable costs, so patients can eliminate their hair loss problems once and for all without breaking the bank.

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