Hair Transplants in Turkey are getting more and more popular

Men and women who experience abundant hair loss are the ones who usually opt for hair transplant procedures. Hair transplant operations include minute procedures on the scalp which can help treat hair follicles and induce hair restoration.

Various techniques are involved in hair transplant surgeries, but they all come down to the same thing – taking a part of the skin that bears hair from the scalp to create several grafts. Afterward, each graft becomes a donor area and gets applied to bald areas of the head.

Transplanting hair is a widespread practice. According to the statistics, 50% of women and around 60% of men struggle with hair loss after they turn thirty. Hair transplant is a well-established medical procedure and was first carried out in 1939 in Japan.

Ever since the first successful operation, the development of hair transplantation has been quite rapid. Soon, the “FUE hair transplant” became possible, where the surgeon cuts channels in the scalp manually before implementing follicular units.

After that, the DHI hair transplant appeared, where a pen-shaped tool did both steps of the FUE technique simultaneously. Hair transplant in Turkey is among the best hotspots for those who want unique hair transplant procedures done by surgeons with years of experience.

In Istanbul, Turkey, the costs are among the lowest worldwide, which is why more and more people opt for hair transplants in Istanbul. The Sapphire Hair Clinic in Istanbul is among the best you can find and offers experienced staff and excellent service.

The Sapphire Hair Clinic and its staff

When you search for “Hair Transplant Turkey”, you will come across the Sapphire Hair Clinic, a Medical Park Hospitals Group member. The clinic is located in Istanbul and has numerous procedures for the treatment of hair loss.

The staff of the clinic includes many experts with JCI accreditation who have years of experience behind them. One of the most experienced in hair transplantation is Dr. Okan Morkoç. Dr. Morkoç graduated in Antalya from Akdeniz University’s School of Medicine.

The Sapphire FUE method is among the newest, where the surgeon makes tiny channels in the donor area using a motorized medical tool with blades. He extracts the hair follicles and repeats the whole process in the recipient areas.

This technique is unique and among the best, because no visible scars will appear on your scalp and the whole process isn’t invasive. The tissue damage and trauma on the scalp will be minimal, while the recovery will be fast and the survival of grafts maximal.

Hair transplant in Turkey – prices and benefits

Hair transplantation in Turkey is among the cheapest, which doesn’t make it any less professional, quite the contrary. When it comes to the prices of hair transplantation in Turkey as opposed to other countries, Turkey is around 70% cheaper than any other developed country in the world.

At the Sapphire Hair Clinic, the prices can vary between £1,500 and £3,500, which compared to Britain’s £30,000 for the same procedures is an astounding difference. The quality of the service, the staff’s experience, and the number of grafts determine the price, but there’s still a significant disparity.

This disparity can be explained by Turkey’s low costs for labor and the fact that the official currency of Turkey, the Lira, has lost its value in recent years. Therefore, these prices are not low from a Turkish doctor’s perspective, and the services and benefits they offer remain at the highest possible quality.

Sapphire Hair Clinic – services and packages

Each package for hair transplantation you can find at the Sapphire Hair Clinic will include the following:

  • Analysis of your hair;
  • Free consultation;
  • Blood tests before the operation;
  • Bed & breakfast accommodation for two nights in a hotel;
  • A transfer from the hotel to the clinic;
  • Local anesthesia;
  • PRP therapy;
  • Medications after the operation;
  • High-quality products for special care of your scalp after the procedure;
  • Post-operation check-ups and follow-ups.


More and more people choose to travel across countries and reach Turkey for hair transplantation procedures. It is mainly because clinics in Turkey offer low costs, use the most advanced techniques with the latest technology, and provide natural-looking results for all customers.

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