HAOQI White Eagle Ebike VS HIMIWAY Zebra Ebike

Two well-known electric bike brands recently receiving much attention are Haoqi and Himiway. Both brands produce premium, long-lasting, and environmentally responsible electric bikes while having a variety of models available with various characteristics.

Haoqi Upgraded Eagle Long Range Electric bicycles are long-range bikes that can travel much further, typically reaching up to 100 kilometers on a single charge, thanks to their increased battery capacity and use of cutting-edge technology. They have strong motors, long-lasting batteries, and lightweight frames that can travel up to 60 miles. 

While the Himiway Zebra is a premium all-terrain e-bike that can go on a range of trails and terrains, such as backcountry adventures, gravel paths, and dirt roads. These e-bikes typically have heavier payload capacities, hydraulic brakes, front suspension forks, and fatter tires. This article describes the Haoqi White Eagle and the Himiway Zebra E-bike and compares which e-bike best suits your need.

An Overview Of The Specifications Of Ebikes

The Haoqi and Himiway electric bikes have powerful motors, large batteries, and fat tires for better traction and stability. They are both suitable for off-road use. Additionally, both e-bike have similar features, including a front suspension to cushion blows and offer a comfortable ride. Although the battery and motor, and payload of these two e-bikes are also comparable, the White Eagle bike and the Zebra Bikes have distinct specifications:

Haoqi White Eagle Ebike Himiway Zebra
Motor 750W 750W
Battery 48V 20Ah 48V 20Ah
Brake Hydraulic disc Hydraulic disc
Range 60- 80 miles 60- 80 miles
Payload capacity 400lb 400lb
Weight 79.4lbs 79lb
Tires 26 inches 26 inches
Throttle Half- Twist Half- Twist
Price $1,699 $1,999


Haoqi White Eagle Ebike Features

The Haoqi White Eagle is a long-range electric bike offering longer riding time with excellent performance for various purposes. This bike provides the features to make your ride pleasurable and safe, whether riding to work, exploring off-road terrain, or just for pleasure. The White Eagle is a fantastic option for a dependable and adaptable e-bike because it has a strong motor, a high-capacity battery, superb brakes, and other top-notch features. 

Removable Battery: 

The White Eagle e-bike battery capacity is 48V/20AH, with a range of 60-80 miles per full charge. There are three riding modes—pure electric mode, pedal assist mode, and 75+ miles. Also, the removable battery is simple to charge at home or work.


The White Eagle uses a 750W solid brushless motor. With a torque output of up to 80 Nm, this motor has enough power to ride across rugged terrain and climb hills. You may ride without bothering your neighbors or those nearby because it’s also exceptionally quiet.


Even at high speeds, the dual hydraulic disc brakes of the White Eagle have a superior stopping force, which is very responsive. You may fine-tune the brake performance to your preferences because the brake levers are also adjustable.


The White Eagle has LED lights on the front and back. When riding at night, safety depends on having outstanding vision in low-light circumstances, which these lights provide. You don’t have to worry about changing or charging batteries separately because the bike’s battery powers the lights.


This e-bike boasts a sizable LCD that provides all the necessary riding information. This LCD covers your current speed, battery life, and more. Additionally illuminated, the display makes it simple to read even in direct sunlight.

Fat Tires: 

The 26-inch fat tires of the White Eagle offer exceptional traction and stability in various conditions. These tires are puncture-resistant, so you may ride on unpaved surfaces without being concerned about a flat tire.


The White Eagle e-bike has a lightweight aluminum frame that is durable and simple to maneuver. The bike’s light yet sturdy design makes it simple to control and operate. The bike’s rust-resistant frame aids in its longevity. Additionally, compared to the Zebra, the bike is lighter.    


An e-bike of $1,699 will justifiably not get you an electric bike with premium parts. Yet, the White Eagle is an exceptional competitor of value-priced fat tire e-bikes today.

Himiway Zebra Ebike features

Due to its strength and adaptability, the Zebra electric bike is preferred among riders. Some of the salient characteristics of the Zebra include the following:


The 48V 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery that powers the e-bike has enough power for extended rides. The battery can go up to 60 miles on a single charge and is removable, making charging simple.


The Zebra e-bike has a 750W brushless motor with enough power to ride off-road and up hills. Because the motor is inside the hub of the back wheel, the bike’s balance is enhanced, and its weight is evenly distributed.


The hydraulic disc brakes on the Himiway electric bike offer excellent stopping capability in all weather conditions. You can fine-tune the performance of the brakes to your preferences because they are sensitive and simple to modify.


The Zebra’s front and rear LED lights increase visibility when riding at night. You don’t need to worry about changing or charging the lights separately because the bike’s battery powers them.

Fat tires: 

The Zebra’s 26-inch fat tires offer outstanding traction and stability on various terrain. The tires are puncture-resistant, so you may ride on unpaved surfaces without being concerned about a flat tire.


The Himiway electric bike has a sizable LCD that provides all the necessary riding information. The LCD covers your current speed, battery life, and more. Additionally, the display is bright enough, making it simple to read in any situation.

HAOQI White Eagle Ebike VS HIMIWAY Zebra Ebike: Which is better? 

There are a few essential variables to consider while deciding between the White Eagle and Zebra e-bike. Both bikes are top-notch and loaded with features, but due to significant distinctions, one may be a better option for your requirements.

The Haoqi White Eagle frame’s structure is aluminum. The multi-functional LCD, adjustable seat, high-brightness front light, and the Shimano 7-Speed shifter improve stability, comfort, and the overall riding experience. Its 26-inch-by-4-inch fat tire is ideal for use in cities, sand, snow, and mountains. Its two front suspension forks with superior shock absorption eliminate bumps on mountain roads. The upgraded hydraulic disc brake system improves safety.

There are multiple similarities between the White Eagle electric bicycle and the Himiway Zebra. However, the White Eagle is way more convenient and affordable to ride.  Although the Zebra can attain a higher range, the Haoqi White Eagle is only $1699. If you want a lightweight e-bike and a better experience with top speed, you can go for the Haoqi White Eagle e-bike.


The decision between the Haoqi and Himiway e-bikes depends on your requirements and preferences. It’s critical to consider your alternatives and pick the one best suits your needs and intended use. The White Eagle has high-quality components, advanced batteries, and a frame that fits all riders. Its excellent long-lasting features, accessories, and powerful battery make it possible to ride faster and for more extended periods.

The all-terrain electric bike allows you to explore multiple terrains and ride through any obstacle. The long-range features on the electric bike get you to longer distances.

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