Happy and Productive Office

Spending hours in the office day by day with the same people and a mountain of tasks can become monotonous and tiring. However, there is a tip for every drawback. Problems can be solved and conditions improved. Every inconvenience can be turned into a more enjoyable and effective moment at work.

Motivation never ends

Motivation has different aspects. It is obvious that well-motivated people will feel encouraged and connected with their colleagues and tasks and will work much more effectively. Taking good care of working conditions around the office is a visible way of motivating people. Thanking and appreciating their efforts is another.

When employees feel recognised and valued, i.e., their employer sees them as important, they are more likely to try to be the best they can.

Office exercise

There is never too much movement in an office. Gone are the days when typists and office clerks would be glued to their desks for hours on end. In modern offices, people move around and circulate. There are standing desks, where everyone can stretch, stand on one leg, dance for a moment, and wiggle their hips for health.

On some people’s wrists, there are fitness bands that tell them how many steps they have taken since they got up. We all love moving, the more steps a day we take, the healthier we are.

Plants and animals

Even a short and symbolic contact with nature has a relaxing and calming effect on us. Arrangements of plants, flowers, and stones play a much more vital role than just decoration. Who doesn’t like the sound of trickling and splashing from an ornamental fountain?

Did you know that some offices today let employees bring their pets in to work? This would have been unheard of just a couple of decades ago. Apart from fishes in aquariums, nobody in the twentieth century ever saw an animal in an office.

Meet to enjoy

Meetings can be enjoyable events if they are well planned and everybody gets a chance to express themselves. The most effective and stimulating meetings are those that take place before lunch. However, whoever is organizing it, must make sure that there are not too many topics on the agenda.

For more information, check the infographic below, provided by FaxBurner:

Happy and Productive Office