Harald Seiz: Unravelling “The Future of Money”

The volatility of the market and economy is always a concern. One day it’s up and performing well before an unexpected crash the following day. It’s hard to predict yet we rely on it so much. Many try to understand it all and explain it to the world. Yet so few do it in a way that reaches a wide range of audience and keeps their attention the entire time.

Harald Seiz is one of those who was able to grab and keep the attention of people around the world with his latest book, “The Future of Money.”

Seiz is the CEO and founder of Karatbars International GmbH. Starting in 2011, Karatbars is an e-commerce business that specializes in selling gold bars. Through their affiliate program, the company can distribute gold basically anywhere. Seiz’s and his company believe that they have logical solutions to the currency and debt crisis around the world with its gold bars.

Before starting Karatbars International, Seiz worked in the precious metal business for several years. During this time, Seiz came up with the idea that gold should be available to all people by taking precious metals and dividing them into smaller units. From this, people can pay for day-to-day expenses without any issues.

Seiz believes that our current currency (money) will not stand the test of time. In “The Future of Money,” he takes that belief and provides insight into our financial system and its flaws. In a world that barely carries cash anymore, what will the future of money look like? There’s a good chance, in Seiz’s eyes, that money will lose its relevance and become obsolete.

So, what does Seiz think the future has in store for currency?

He refers to cryptocurrency, something that has grown in popularity in the last couple of years. It is cryptocurrency that is the way of the future when someone wants to purchase an item, not cash.

Seiz is confident in his theory that he set out and created Karatgold Coin (KBC) in March of 2018. What makes Karatgold Coin stand out from other cryptocurrency is that it’s not quite as volatile because it has a real-life value – gold. Depending on the price of gold, that dictates the price of his currency.

According to Seiz, “everyone should be able to afford gold.” “Even those who owned gold in the Middle Ages, was capable of action and was able to turn his wishes into purchases.” With Karatgold Coin, the idea is that everyone can.

Gold was the best choice because it is something that has stood the test of time. Even when the economy and market were at some of its lowest points, gold still consistently maintained its levels or even grew. Having that tangible connection with gold, Karatgold Coin, according to Seiz, should be how the future pays for everything around the world.

Harald Seiz’s book, “The Future of Money,” is available to buy. See for yourself what the future of money has in store for society, and how we can rely on something more tangible, less volatile, and something that likely will be around for many years to come.