Has LTV got to the financial markets? And how to earn money with Esperio Affiliate Program on a long-term basis?

2022 has become a time of change in almost all areas of online marketing. The old methods of promotion and earnings have been replaced by entirely new ones that can bring significantly more long-term income. This is especially noticeable in the example of an industry such as online trading, where truly revolutionary changes are now taking place. They are associated with the emergence of new types of affiliate programs. They allow uniting the interests of brokers and creators of innovative trading products. This is a big business involving an increasing number of participants. One of the most notable in this market is the offer from the broker Esperio . The Esperio Affiliate Program offers changes to the idea of the affiliate program as a way of passive income to its clients.

The broker has developed a unique product in the field of affiliate marketing. It allows partners to build their multi-level affiliate network on the basis of the broker. Here you can create an entire affiliate ecosystem that brings a stable income and promotes the product or service you need.

Is the usual CPA affiliate program no longer working?

What does the traditional partnership scheme that we are all used to look like? The owners of thematic sites or telegram channels create content by posting an affiliate link or a banner. They wait for the submissive target audience to open a new account with the broker and make their first deposit. The partner gets a certain percentage from each new client, but it is a one-time income. It cannot be said that this affiliate system is not in demand, but market trends are changing. Income from affiliate links or banners is divided by thousands of participants. Many people noted that the conversion of visitors into leads fell and that the traditional CPA affiliate program in online trading began to bring much less income. At the same time, the affiliate programs of many brokers are often similar.

The Esperio multi-level offer immediately attracted attention. Its algorithm is based on fundamentally different conditions and opportunities for developing a partner’s business.

What is LTV or how to earn on an affiliate program on a long-term basis?

The most effective earning model on affiliate programs is not CPA but the LTV model (Lifetime Value). It describes the essence of the approach in the best way. In this model, the key is not so much to attract new people but to retain the target audience. Thanks to this, the partner receives income from the total number of new clients who were brought to the broker and their overall activity. Thus, it is not the quantity that becomes important but the quality of work with the target audience, which can be very active.

Launching a joint project with a broker is the best way to achieve such activity. It can be a testing of a profitable trading robot, an integrated training program, loyalty programs, cashback, and much more. Now it is possible to implement almost any project on the basis of the Esperio broker, which is one of the company’s main advantages. You can achieve much more outstanding results than just placing a banner or affiliate link by building the process of interaction with the audience in this way. And that’s not all.

Each client attracted through an Esperio partner can become a new partner and receive the same bonuses. In other words, you can build your multi-level affiliate network based on a broker. The profit from this program will be evenly distributed among different partners. The principle of profit distribution is elementary. For example:

  • The first level partner receives 25% of the partners’ spread.
  • The second-level partner receives 20% of the spread.
  • The third level partner receives 15% of the spread, etc.

There can be any number of such levels. They are not limited by anything except for the total share of the spread distributed along the vertical. Thanks to this, any Esperio partner can build their own self-developing ecosystem on the basis of a broker. They can get income not only from the spread but also from promoting their products between network members. As a result, such earnings become not a one-time but long-term option with the prospect of constant growth.

Who is the Esperio affiliate service for?

The Esperio affiliate program has proven its effectiveness in practice, allowing many people to earn. Almost everyone can participate in this program, but first of all, it is designed for professional market participants:

  • financial companies doing business in the trading and related markets;
  • trading schools and training centers;
  • thematic Internet sites dedicated to trading and finance;
  • well-known traders who are popular among a broad audience;
  • bloggers and influencers;
  • developers of trading robots;
  • web admins who specialize in maintaining thematic groups in social networks;
  • affiliate partners of brokers, etc.

The Esperio affiliate service is a reasonably flexible system. You can create your own affiliate business almost from scratch. The company will also provide you with assistance in the promotion. It will give you all the necessary promotional materials, technical support, and even a personal manager.

Why multi-level is not a pyramid but a long-term earning strategy?

Many people fundamentally misunderstand the essence of a multi-level affiliate program. Someone believes this is nothing more than another financial pyramid built at customers’ expense due to the lack of financial literacy. In reality, the partner’s income is formed due to the spread and commission, which the company extracts at the expense of natural market costs.

Any broker in the financial market earns on spreads, which are determined by market liquidity. And trader, regardless of whether they are someone’s referral, has to take their spread into account and include it in their trading strategy.

What is the principle of operation of the state pension fund based on? This is the largest MLM, where the lower levels of the system are the basis for the higher ones. And this does not prevent the system from working for decades, benefiting society. The work of banks, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, and many other phenomena of the modern world is based on a multi-level principle. Such a system daily proves to us its reliability and stability. And the work of the LTV model is based on the same principles. We are talking about lifetime value — it will work for you for a long time.

How does the Affiliate program by Esperio work?

First, register on the broker’s website and get partner status. After that, depending on the partner’s profile, you will be provided with a personal manager to help develop the best conditions for cooperation.

But the most important thing is that after registering as a partner, you can choose the thematic focus of your affiliate ecosystem. Trading school owners can focus on offering their students the best trading experience from one of the largest brokers in the industry. Developers of trading robots receive a base for free testing, customization, and promotion of their algorithm. Trading signal providers can take advantage of additional investment tools, etc.

By creating a multi-level affiliate network, you promote your product and get an additional channel for developing your own business. And it is precisely on this that the fundamental novelty of the Esperio multi-level affiliate program is based. Earnings in it are built on mutual benefit.

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