Have a look at some of the top-rated bitcoin-based movies that have been a blockbuster

If you want to know about bitcoins’ popularity, you should understand that plenty of movies have been cast and completely based on bitcoins. This is absolutely a reality that has to lead to a huge achievement for any cryptocurrency. The best thing about the bitcoin-based movies is that it has raised people of all age groups in the digital currencies. If you are a person who has no idea about bitcoins but is willing to invest in them, then you should better have a watch on these movies. 

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These will make you understand the worth of this cryptocurrency and offer you a transparent idea about the heights that one can reach by investing in bitcoins. You will not have to face a hassle about searching for the movies as below mentioned are descriptive ideas about some of the selective movies based on bitcoins. Even you will not have any confusion related to Bitcoin as a commodity.

The rise and rise of bitcoins

If you want to know about bitcoin bloomed as the cryptocurrency in the market and reached unexpected heights, then the movie “The rise and rise of bitcoins” is a must-watch piece. The movie has clearly shown how bitcoins entered the market to the time it has attained recognition as one of the highly valued digital currencies of the world. The movie was released in cinemas in 2014 and had impressed a wide range of audiences at the global level. 

Anyone who has watched this movie has claimed that it is one of the top-rated movies with an amazing script line, which any bitcoin investor shouldn’t miss. The users who are willing to enjoy this movie can access their amazon prime account and explore many things related to fascinating bitcoins. The directors of this movie were expecting such a good break, but they were surprised after observing the response.

Cryptopia- Bitcoin, Blockchain, and future of the internet

This bitcoin-based movie is the best option for beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies. The beginners are always curious to know about something in which they have recently stepped into, and this documentary will surely impress them. They will acquire a lot of knowledge about the wider concept of bitcoins. The documentary was launched under the direction of Torsten Hoffmann, and you would surely have watched his previous version, which was also very amazing.

 The latest launch of this documentary has been planned so that it offers a detailed overview of the ecosystem of bitcoins. The success journey of bitcoin was also very complex as various challenges were faced, and they were dealt off within the end. The viewers will also get to know a descriptive idea about these challenges, which will surely admire them about this crypto. If your views about long-term investments are unclear, then you should not miss this documentary as you will learn a lot.

I am Satoshi

It is another very popular documentary that has been in the audience’s interest from the time of its launch. It seems to be very interesting from the name because its name is based on the one who has developed this digital currency. The documentary’s length is not much longer as it is just  52 minutes short documentary directed by Tomer Kantor. 

It has been proved the best option for those who can still not understand the major difference between bitcoins and other ordinary currencies available for individuals. Bitcoin is not much preferred even after a decade because of its open-source nature. It is time to watch a documentary that you should watch as it will not make you feel regret about investing.


Crypto is also one of the popular types of movies based on bitcoins, giving people a clear idea about bitcoins. The movie has some part of bitcoins, but basically, it is a crime-based film that can easily admire anyone for investing in the bitcoins. 

The main focus has been put on the advanced bitcoin’s technology which is a key reason that has formed a good trust among the audience. Even if you check about the reviews of viewers who have watched this movie, you will get a recommendation to enjoy it for once.

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