Have You Suffered a Dog Bite Injury? Know What Compensation You Can Get

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If you have been the victim of a dog bite, this blog will help you understand what type of compensation you are eligible for and what you will be entitled to for your injuries. Firstly you should be aware that it does not matter where the attack happened – on private property or public property.

Some Compensations You Can Get After A Dog Bite Injury are:

  1. Medical Bills

Medical bills can be pretty expensive. They’re not just payments for the pain and suffering but also for the medical treatment that you undergo during the period when you are recovering from your injuries. The medical costs associated with these types of damages can be astronomical.

  1. Loss of Income

In case you lose your job because of the injury, you will likely lose wages over time because it is possible that you won’t return fully to work for a significant amount of time.

  1. Pain, Suffering, and disability

If you were attacked by a dog and suffered injuries from that attack, then it is likely that you will also experience pain and suffering and disability from the incident. Injuries from animal attacks can take many months or years to feel better after the initial injury, depending on the intensity of the bite.

  1. Emotional Distress

While emotional distress is not a separate item of compensation, it is highly associated with the damages awarded after dog bite cases. Emotional distress is essentially just an expression of the mental anguish that occurs due to being attacked by a dog. The victim may suffer from depression, fear, or any other mental distress due to their injuries.

  1. Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are created to punish the defendant for the wrongfulness of an action. It is typically handled by a jury and is usually decided by how much pain and suffering the victim suffered during the incident.

  1. Attorney fees and costs

If you’ve hired an attorney to help you with a dog bite case, then you might be able to recover a small portion of the legal fees that you have paid. You should be able to provide your attorney’s invoices and bills to prove your claim for attorney fees.

If you face a dog bite, you should consult an attorney as soon as possible; you must have sufficient legal representation to help you through the process.

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