Maintaining a Healthy Weight Isn’t Easy, But Definitely Worth it

maintaining healthy weight worth it image for article 49392991In today’s world, we are lucky to see health and wellness thriving. As we shift further away from the perfect body image that was projected in the early 2000s, people are now aiming to be physically healthier and more active. Whether you have recently lost a lot of weight or are simply trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight is not always so easy. 

With our lifestyles changing every now and then, maintaining your weight is getting harder than ever. 

Also, many people tend to fall back into their old habits when they are stressed or exhausted. However, consistency is a crucial aspect of staying healthy, and the results are life-changing! 

Here are a few tips to keep the extra weight off and some signs you may notice when you maintain a healthy lifestyle 

Watch your portions

When you lose a lot of weight, your body gets accustomed to receiving smaller portions, and you will most likely crave less food than you did before dieting. Nonetheless, some people tend to put on some extra weight back by introducing bigger portions to their bodies that eventually result in excessive weight gain and IBS problems.

A great solution would be to eat small portions and include whatever food you love in your daily meals. Make sure your portions are balanced and that you eat smaller amounts several times a day. 

Try Keto and Detox every now and then 

To stay healthy, you will need to experiment with a lot of techniques to ensure your body does not reach a point of stagnation. Sometimes, we tend to over-consume, so detox is important. Other times, our bodies reach a point where they no longer burn any fats. 

You can try a 28-day Keto challenge, which is a diet that includes high fat, low carbs, and adequate protein. You might also need to detox every now and then to cleanse your body by using supplements or natural methods. Insightful reviews on the Keto challenge and detox supplements at can help you weigh the pros and cons of both methods.

Trying out nutritious programs or supplements recommended by professionals is a great way to stay healthy. Yet, you need to make sure you’re aware of what your body can handle before trying anything new.

Exercise regularly 

A key factor of staying healthy is exercise, which has to be done regularly and consistently. Your weight is always going to be affected by the amount of energy you use up and the calories you take in. If you suddenly decide to stop working out, then chances are you’ll gain some weight. To maintain your weight, try to keep your caloric expenditure and intake balanced.

You can hire a personal trainer, follow certain online workouts, or simply try to run every day. Whatever you decide, make sure you incorporate strength training with your cardio. This will not only affect your body weight, but it will also boost your mood and improve your health. 

Never skip your breakfast 

Known as the most important meal of the day, breakfast is what gives your metabolism a jump start and boosts your energy levels throughout the day. Make sure your breakfast is healthy and nutritious to ensure it fits within your plans.

An overall healthy meal should include vitamins, protein, and fibers. Nutritious options include eggs, almond butter, whole wheat toast, fat-free milk, fruits, and nuts. This balanced breakfast will most likely reduce cravings and keep you right on track during the day. 

Signs your weight is healthy  

If you have been maintaining a healthy weight, then you’re probably seeing its great impact on your life. 

If you’ve been exercising and following a balanced diet, you might notice the following:

  • You are always bursting with energy and no longer find yourself feeling exhausted for no reason. You’re ready now to take the stairs and skip the elevator, and it doesn’t feel like slowly dying anymore.
  • Your body feels lean, and your percentage of body fat is lower than ever before. Even if your weight isn’t so ideal, your body-fat percentage can be healthy. Consider having your body-fat analyzed to find this out, and avoid relying on scales. 
  • You’re generally happier and feel more positive. Your regular workouts and healthy meals put you in a good mood and make you feel closer to your goals. 

Weight loss and following a healthy lifestyle are not easy, but once you start, you will never want to go back to your old habits. Although consistency can be tricky, there are many ways you can ensure your body maintains its weight by following these tips. Once you feel healthier and better overall, your life will fall into place.


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