5 Types of Heart Diseases and their Prevention

Heart diseases have become most common in the current contemporary era. People are suffering from different diseases due to their lifestyle habits, food habits and more. In general, the term heart disease might refer to any disorder related to the heart. The heart disease is actually referred to as the problems and abnormalities related to the heart. We have several medications available in the Pharma stores to treat heart diseases. Telma 40 uses and side effects are one of the medicines that aids in curing a type of heart disease.

There are different types of heart diseases. For each disease, the symptoms might vary and the treatment is provided differently for each one accordingly. For some of the people, their health condition, lifestyle changes, and medications might bring much improvement to their health. In some cases, they require surgery to cure their heart disease. In this post, we have come up with a list of different types of heart diseases, symptoms, and preventive measures. Have a look!

Types of Heart Diseases

We have compiled a list of different types of heart diseases alongside their symptoms and prevention steps as given below:

  1. Coronary Artery Disease

In general, CAD heart disease is an acronym for Coronary Artery Disease. When this disease attacks you then, you might get blockages in the coronary arteries. The function of the coronary arteries is to supply the blood to the heart. If you are suffering from CAD then, the blood flow might decrease gradually specifically to the heart muscle. If the arteries become hard, you will have to confront a condition namely atherosclerosis.

Whenever you get this disease then, you will get chest pain which is also known as angina that in turn directs to a heart attack. People who have increased blood pressure and suffering from obesity have higher chances of getting coronary artery disease. People whose age is more than 55 might get this disease. There are some other causes that include stress, smoking, genetics, family history having CAD and more.

  1. Congenital Heart Disease

It is another type of heart disease that affects the inner organs of the heart. Usually, people confront this disease since their birth. Due to the septal defects disease, people might get a hole in any of the two chambers of the heart. In some situations, the blood flow might block either partially or completely to the chambers of the heart. This particular disorder is referred to as obstruction defects. If you have a Cyanotic heart disease then, it doesn’t send enough oxygen to the whole body. There are numerous Telma 40 uses and side effects especially beneficial for those who are suffering from heart disease.

  1. Silent Ischemia

It is another type of coronary artery disease wherein the flow of blood to the muscle of the heart is diminished. As a result, it causes pain in the heart. Some of the people might experience some discomfort in their heart at the time of physical effort.

  1. Arrhythmia

Arrhythmia produces an abnormal heartbeat in an individual. There are numerous methods wherein one might cause irregularity in their heart rhythm. Some of the cases include the heartbeat becomes much faster known as tachycardia. Bradycardia is a condition wherein the heartbeat becomes pretty slow. Fibrillation is a condition wherein the heartbeat becomes completely abnormal. In some cases, if you are suffering from complicated Arrhythmias then, it might lead to some other heart disorders.

  1. Heart Failure

It is sometimes referred to as congestive heart failure. In such a case, the heart stops pumping the blood to different parts of the body. It eventually shows the impact on the left and right side of the heart. Usually, people suffer from this disease due to CAD, increased blood pressure, thyroid diseases and Cardiomyopathy.

  1. Cardiomyopathy

It is another disease condition wherein the heart muscle gets affected. The heart muscle might become thickened and stiff. As a result, the heart turns pretty weak in pumping the blood to other organs of the body. The genetic heart disorders, toxins, and infections might become the major cause of Cardiomyopathy.

  1. Pericardial Disorder

It is another type of heart disease wherein the sac surrounding the heart might get affected. Usually, people confront this problem whenever they get an infection due to some virus or other diseases that include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and more. Telma 40 uses and side effects help people to overcome different types of heart diseases.

  1. Pulmonary Stenosis

This type of heart disease affects people whenever the heart feels hard in pumping blood from the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery. It might happen whenever the pulmonary valve is extremely tight. The right ventricle takes much pressure in order to get rid of the obstruction. In order to overcome the obstruction, the doctors usually suggest an open-heart surgery.

How to Prevent Heart Diseases?

Some people might have heart disease right from their birth. It is pretty difficult to prevent such diseases. There are different types of heart diseases that one could prevent it by following some preventive measures. We have listed some of the steps that one should follow to prevent heart disease. Check it out!

  • People need to consume a healthy and balanced diet on a daily basis. It means you need to intake a low-fat and cholesterol-free food that comprises high fiber content.
  • In case, if you need to use medication then, you can check the Telma 40 uses and side effects.
  • One must and should intake fresh fruits and vegetables on a frequent basis to give all types of nutrients and minerals to the body. Try to consume whole grains and diminish the use of salt and sugar in your diet.
  • Try to exercise on a regular basis. Through the exercise, one could improve the functioning of the heart and enhance the circulatory system. This, in turn, lessens the cholesterol in the body and handles the blood pressure in an individual.
  • Stop the consumption of alcohol. If you are unable to quit it all of a sudden, you should not take more than 14 units per week.
  • You need to handle the situations that show a massive impact on your heart health.
  • Quit smoking as it could become a major danger for your heart.
  • Try to maintain a good and healthy weight of your body based on your height.


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the types of heart diseases, symptoms, prevention steps and more. We presume that this guide has helped you in understanding the complications of heart diseases. Hence, try to maintain a healthy diet and lead a happy life.