Helping You Expand Your Business

Expansion and growth are two very important key goals for the vast majority of businesses. The question is, with today’s somewhat slow-growth economy, how can you achieve this desired expansion? To find out, we spoke with two different companies who provide specific services to help you do exactly that.

Expand your business - IT audit messageHardware Auditing To Help You Manage Remote Offices

Whether you have multiple offices throughout the UK or multiple remote workers using company owned equipment, keeping track of everything can feel like a near-enough impossible task. Without adequate audits of equipment however, companies up and down the UK lose hardware assets each and every day, amounting to £1000’s in lost earnings.

While you could ask staff members to keep on top of equipment, not only are you taking them away from their dedicated tasks but you’re also quite possibly relying on team members who may not have the same level of concern for the job in hand.

That’s where a company such as Capital come in. After working with a number of companies that provide data centre cleaning, they recognised a real need for an effective service that helps to manage all IT equipment owned by a company, whether it’s kept under one roof or not.

By auditing your IT equipment, you not only minimise loss of equipment and subsequently loss of capital, but you also keep on top of the health of your equipment, ensuring any problems are  dealt with early. Any IT assets, whether across one site or multiple sites will help you stay on top of things as opposed to losing money which could otherwise be used to help your business grow.

With such data in your back pocket, you can ensure you have a verified asset record while leaving your staff to focus on their roles intended and in turn, help your business continue to grow as it should.

If you’d like more information on hardware asset management by Capital, contact them today on 0800 013 2182.

Manage Your Computer Systems Anywhere In The World

Once you have your IT hardware secured by Capital, we highly recommend looking at a quality business management solution.

When looking at this kind of software, it’s important you find one that won’t just provide you with an overview of your entire company, but will allow you to have a full 360 view of every day occurrences from anywhere in the world.

Communication and a clear view of your business is key. At D365experts, they recommend Microsoft’s latest software, Dynamics 365 Business Central. This incredible business management solution is pretty much a one-stop-shop for all areas of your company, from resourcing to inventory, sales projections to customer service. Not only will it give you a fantastic insight into every area, but it will allow all departments to talk clearly to each other; a fantastic asset to have in your back pocket.

Unlike other business management solutions, Dynamics 365 Business Central is fully scalable. That means it’s ideal for everyone from start-ups to larger businesses and will grow with your company as you do. That means no longer finding yourself with software that simply can’t keep up. As your needs change, so too will your software. With PowerApps add-ons, you can increase the ability of your business management software as you need it to, by simply picking and choosing the additional applications you need.

With artificial intelligence helping you in areas such as predicted sales forecasts, timings of inventory restocks and even assistance when answering customer queries directly through Outlook, you’ll see a much more efficient side to your company, providing higher customer fulfilment and a much better customer service overall. If you’d like more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, simply contact D365experts today on 01268 724 005.


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