Here Are 7 Trends Transforming Digital Marketing

As years go by, more digital marketing trends are emerging, necessitating marketers to stay up to date with the constant changes and develop new ways of communicating and selling to consumers. With rapid digitization, marketing methods keep changing, hence the need to explore. 

Remember, digital marketing has become essential to businesses and companies that want to grow online. That is why it is crucial to stay on your toes and know the trends that will transform how you market this year. The following are seven trends that are changing digital marketing.


Storybranding has become the new way of reaching consumers and getting them to choose your brand. While it is not about telling just a story, storybranding is about getting users involved to experience your brand. It is about knowing what to say to the consumers, how to provoke them to choose you, and what you intend to achieve with your efforts.


The gaming sector has continued to upgrade over the years. How you played online blackjack in the past is not the same now. Today, online gaming has surpassed traditional sports as more people choose technology. For instance, Esports is a sector receiving all the attention and increasing in popularity quickly. It has become an effective advertising platform as brands continue to seek to include it in their marketing strategies to capture the attention of a wider audience.

Virtual Training and Events

Another fundamental trend of digital marketing is virtual events. Since 2020, there has been a massive shift to digitalization. For instance, there has been an increase in virtual events where people no longer find the need to meet in person. Digital marketing through virtual events and training has offered a way of reaching more people virtually. This trend focuses on capturing potential leads without missing the chance to make a difference.

Shoppable TV

After live streaming, shoppable TV is the next thing in digital marketing. It allows people to purchase through the TV. There are several formats. For example, secondary shopping formats enable viewers to access their purchases by clicking on the remote. It is also possible to scan QR codes with their phones. Even though shoppable TV is not new, the marketing trend becomes more accurate as technology advances and consumer habits mature more.

Programmatic Advertising

Another digital marketing trend is programmatic advertising. For instance, radio, TV, and wearables facilitate programmatic advertising because of the user data available.

Automatic Collection of Consumer Digital Footprints

Customers’ digital footprints are critical to building buyer personas and customizing your messages to reach the right audience best. Therefore, it will allow you to create personalized consumer journeys using the preferable ways based on consumer behavior and online habits. Thanks to AI, collecting digital footprints is easy to enable you to create highly effective messages based on the type of data you collect, behavior, interests, etc.

Limited Ads in Facebook Ads

Facebook has limited the number of active ads on your page. The reason behind this trend is to improve the performance of your advertising and have more details about your ads.

The Bottom Line

These are digital marketing trends coming in strong. Apply them in your strategies to get the most out of the campaigns and guarantee success. As digital marketing evolves, ensure you grow with it and find new and better ways to reach your customers.