Here’s What No One Knew about Zillow All Along

Zillow is the leading real estate platform in the United States, which boasts over 40 million monthly unique users. Zillow, being the most experienced real estate website, offers its consumers a flawless end-to-end experience for selling, buying, renting, or financing homes. Listing your home for sale by owner (FSBO) on Zillow can be a terrific way to get it in front of potential buyers, but you should be aware of the risks. Although selling your property without a broker can save you money on commissions, it is a challenging and time-consuming procedure.

The majority of Zillow’s listings come directly from the multiple listing service (MLS), which is a database where local realtors promote their properties for sale.

While everything seems like a smooth ride when listing your property on Zillow, there are a couple of things that you (and others) didn’t know about Zillow.

Let’s take unearth the good and bad sides of Zillow to help you make a better-informed decision.

Does Zillow Offer FSBO?

Yes, it does.

What is FSBO?

Simply said, Zillow for sale by owner (FSBO) is the process of listing your home on Zillow for sale by owner.

Zillow is an online real estate listing aggregator that accounts for more than 70% of all real estate-related web search traffic. This means it’s the first place to go if you’re thinking about buying or selling a home online.

Their FSBO listing strategy allows you to sell your home without the assistance of a professional real estate agent on Zillow. This implies that you will be solely responsible for every step of marketing and selling your house, from the initial listing, pricing, negotiating, staging, and closing, to the actual documentation required.

Some Benefits of Listing on Zillow

Widespread Exposure

Zillow receives 160 million monthly online visitors on average. Zillow’s platforms are home to over 64% of buyers (and leads), and it was claimed that 80% of properties were sold. This means that thousands of potential buyers in your area can see your home online.

In FSBO, you are in control

You have complete creative control over every part of selling your property For Sale by Owner websites in the market. Setting your own selling price, producing a Zillow listing and negotiating with the buyer will all be your responsibilities.

There are savings too

Zillow not only lets you reach a larger audience online, but it also helps you save money on agent commission fees or even a flat charge. Furthermore, listing your home on Zillow’s marketplace is completely free. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll also receive e-mail notifications about new listings and other real estate-related tips.

Some Drawbacks of Listing on Zillow

Exposes you to murky waters

You’ll be entertaining those who have a lot of questions and want to come to see your house but have no intention of buying it. As a result, the whole procedure was a waste of time and effort when you could have been doing something more productive. This issue is mentioned in a lot of Zillow evaluations.

Don’t’ have high price expectations

Although you save money on the listing commission, the negative is that you’re obtaining less than your home’s fair market value. FSBO could result in a significant financial loss when compared to using a full-service conventional agency.

Misleads buyer agents

You may not be ready to negotiate a fair buyer’s agent commission if you list your home as FSBO on Zillow. It also implies that there is more paperwork and wrangling to be done before the house can be closed.

How Much Does Zillow Charge for FSBO?

You’ll be surprised to know that Zillow charges nothing (Yes you read right!) to list your property.


They want to make the process as easy as possible for you.

It also implies they’ll make money off of your listing in other ways, which we’ll go over later. And, before you ask, Zillow does not charge a commission, though they will do their best to connect you with a buyer who is working with one of their buyer broker partners, who will expect to be paid a commission. While it is free to advertise and sell on Zillow, you may have to pay a commission to a buyer who is working with an agent.

For anyone who wishes to handle their own FSBO listing, not having to worry about fees should be a huge bonus. Other for sale by owner and flat fee MLS marketing firms require an upfront price, so this is very appealing.

How Does Zillow Profit Then?

Zillow owns a number of online real estate platforms, including Trulia, Hotpads, and RealEstate, as well as real estate-related services like Zillow offers, Premier Agents, and Zestimates, to mention a few. The company makes money by selling advertising space to real estate agents, mortgage lenders, contractors, and other businesses who wish to reach its target market. All of the user information, including home buyer and seller leads, is sold to Premier Agents the majority of these highlighted or recommended local agents on listings paid a premium to be shown first. As a result, when you use Zillow’s listing, you become an eligible lead for hundreds of real estate agents.

In a nutshell, ad sales, Premier Agent Services, and Zillow Offers are the main sources of revenue for Zillow. Listing your home on Zillow, which has over a hundred million monthly web visitors and a large number of real estate agents and resources to provide, is a fantastic place to start.

So What Red Flags Did People Miss While Listing On Zillow?

The most obvious disadvantage of using an FSBO listing on Zillow is that you won’t have access to a real estate agent’s knowledge when selecting how to price and negotiate your listing – you’ll have to do it all yourself. Mispricing a home can lead to problems and make it harder to find a buyer. If this is a concern, instead of pursuing the “for sale by owner” approach, try a “Zillow make me move” listing.

Another major difficulty you may encounter is Zillow’s basic business plan, which is to collect and sell personal information from buyers to real estate brokers. This means that, while listing your home for sale by owner on Zillow is free, most purchasers will be led to a buyer broker who will seek compensation, implying that there is a hidden cost.

To list? Or not to list? That is the real question!

There are a variety of reasons why you might opt for a for-sale-by-owner listing on Zillow rather than hiring a certified real estate agent. Saving money on the commission fee, taking control of the pricing and showings yourself, or tailoring the timeline of your sale to your busy schedule are just a few examples.

Despite the disadvantages, Zillow provides you with the opportunity to promote a for-sale-by-owner listing for free, which is a terrific value. You can control your pricing and listing while taking advantage of their large user base to get your listing in front of potential purchasers.

Any Alternative?

Houzeo is the most powerful FSBO platform, providing users with options that are only available to real estate professionals! Houzeo has leveraged cutting-edge technology to provide a smooth home-selling experience for homeowners with a 100 percent digital procedure. You can advertise your home on Zillow’s local repository and reach a wider audience online. Every month, they receive approximately 200 million unique visits. Houzeo allows you to list your house on the MLS and sell it for top money thanks to a low buyer agent commission. Houzeo even has a mobile app that allows you to manage offers and schedule house showings!

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