Here’s Why You Need to Deploy a 4G Connected Dashcam

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A lot of people love driving! They enjoy independence, and  62% of people like to drive because they find it fun and exciting. But on the other hand, some people view driving as a means to travel from one point to another. Regardless of how people think about driving on the road, it must be safe and comfortable. Because if something goes unplanned on the road, it can cost lives and damage vehicles.

Indeed, safety systems like airbags can help protect drivers and other passengers in the car, but in case of irresponsible driving, a dash camera is a cutting-edge safety device.

A dash camera is a camera that is mounted on the front or rear of the car. As the name suggests, the camera records anything that happens on the road. However, technological advancements have led to the creation of dual-facing dash cams, recording both on the road and inside the cabin. Dual-facing cameras are incredibly beneficial to fleets businesses as their video recordings can prove very useful in accidents and fraudulent insurance claims, catch hold of thieves at the earliest, and monitor in-vehicle driving behaviour.

In fact, studies  show that 51% of participants agreed that their driving behaviour would be much more responsible in the presence of a dual-facing dash camera in the car. Additionally, certain avant-garde dash cameras in the market are 4G connected dash cameras, providing GPS functionalities and dual-facing camera abilities in one device.

Connected 4G Dual-facing Dash Camera

Having 4G wireless connectivity available with dual-facing dash cameras can help improve operational efficiency. With remote 4 G’s GPS functionalities, you can have data on how vehicles perform, for example, engine health, vehicle speed, etc. When fleet managers look at this data, they can also view the dash camera footage to check why there is an increase in speed. This helps you have better control over your vehicles as well as drivers and eliminate any guesswork, relying purely on evidence-based data.

Easy Access and Storage of Data

Earlier, for fleet managers to view the video footage of the dash camera, they had to take memory disks of dash cams from the vehicle or retrieve footage from a DVR. Indeed, this is time-consuming. Not to forget that most cameras loop data wherein new footage will replace old footage because of less storage space. 4G dash cameras upload and store video recording automatically in the cloud, and one can fetch specific footage from a custom date and time for up to 10 days.

It empowers fleet managers to view any footage anytime, anywhere on the cloud and gives them the peace of mind that data cannot be lost or fabricated. Rewire Fleet admins can use security’s GPSLive web from anywhere in the world through a computer or laptop. Its GPSLive mobile app enables fleet managers to access data from their iOS or Android smartphones.

Live Streaming

Along with automatically uploading video recordings to the cloud, 4G dash camera offers Live Streaming. Live streaming empowers fleet admins to remotely view live video from the dash camera in real-time using GPS Live. You may not use this feature often, but it is beneficial when it comes to coaching drivers remotely. Fleet admins can use Live Streaming to check drivers’ driving habits; for example, they can see if they are wearing seat belts or accelerating too fast, etc. They can then notify drivers about it, foster safe driving behaviour, and ensure their well-being.

Likewise, they can curb distracted driving habits and use Live Streaming to train drivers on safe and responsible driving behaviour, reducing the chances of accidents and collisions and saving thousands of dollars on maintenance costs.

Get HD Video Recording with GPS Tracking

With 720p HD video quality, you can have clear video recordings with Rewire Security’s 4G Connected Dash Camera. But with an embedded GPS chip, you can get the vehicle’s location details in real time. This GPS chip provides features of a modern GPS tracking system. The camera monitors vehicle and driving aspects such as excessive speeding, harsh acceleration, engine health, tire pressure, and much more, and notifies fleet admins in real time.

So in accidents or collisions, the 4G Connected Dash Camera will record what happened during an accident and notify managers of an accident along with the vehicle’s location details. They can check the footage to understand the reason for the accident and find out who was at fault for the accident. Likewise, they can know the exact cause of the driver’s action to get more details on what happened, where, when, and how.

Further, Rewire Security’s 4G Connected Dash Camera employs AI and intelligent algorithms to offer impact and incident detection. For example, in case of a break-in or tampering, the camera will instantly detect the impact and notify the fleet admins. Plus, they can share the video recordings with cops and put the culprits behind bars as early as possible. This way, fleet managers no longer have to keep track of vehicles at all times as they have every information available at their fingertips.

Summing Up

Dual-facing dash cameras make it very easy to keep an eye on vehicles for commercial fleet businesses as well as for personal cars. But with a 4G Connected Dash Camera, you’re one step ahead, giving you maximum peace of mind as you are aware of almost everything. And when buying a dash camera from one of the UK’s most extensive range of GPS tracking systems and telematics devices, be assured that you’re in safe hands. You can take Rewire Security’s 4G Connected Dash Camera demo here and learn more about it.

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