18 Secrets of High-Performing Email Marketing

Aiming to drive success for your business, you automatically focus on higher conversion rates and bigger revenue to-be-generated. But it is not that easy to actually reach your prospects and don’t get left behind.

Read the full story to discover the 18 secrets of high-performing digital email marketing.

1. Open rate

A good first impression sets a tone for future communication and interaction with your brand. Did you know that the average open rate of a welcome email is 86% higher than of a standard one?

Automated welcome email has long ago become an indispensable part of any successful marketing campaign and is among the major digital marketing trends for 2018. Keep apace with what’s hot this year!

2. Responsive design

More than half of all emails are viewed on smartphones and tablets. Want your business to benefit from effective email marketing? Use responsive design and come up with the content that will seamlessly fit any screen resolution.

Follow the idea of presenting consistent customer experiences across all devices.

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3. Pay attention

Our inboxes are overcrowded with “important newsletters”. Most of your subscribers, 80% of them if to be more precise, only scan through the message.

Create catchy titles and add high-impact imagery to highlight the key idea and attract the reader’s attention to your content. After all, there should be a good reason to prefer you to your competitors, right?

4. Personalization

Email personalization is not new. You are probably utilizing its power to some extent. If not, segment your subscribers and start sending tailored messages. They can generate 18x higher revenue. This is an impressive figure, especially for a small business email marketing.

5. Keep in touch

Listening to buyers’ needs and guiding them with relevant information towards the purchase is really challenging. But the result is no less rewarding. These leads show an increase in sales of more than 47%.

Try email drip campaigns. Based on your subscribers’ needs and behavior, you’ll only need to prepare content and set triggers to get the right messages delivered at the right time.

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6. Buttons convenience

Tiny buttons are definitely a bad user experience. The rise of mobile dictates its own rules and you should ensure the mobile-friendliness of your emails. The area of a finger-pad equals 46 pixels on average. Use easy-clickable buttons to sharpen your email marketing effectiveness.

7. Briefly and clearly

How many of your subscribers use iPhones? The question is important because the subject line gets cut on the iPhone if it exceeds the limit of 32 symbols. It’s OK if you need more than 32 symbols to express your idea. Just start with the most important information, catch phrases for customers to see the core of your message.

8. Readability

Stunning visuals and sleek design attract and engage readers. But using white spaces you can improve message perception up to 20%. Do not be afraid to include them in the text to help subscribers scan, interpret and divide your content into the easy-to-comprehend information.

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9. Greeting

To gather a subscriber base is half the battle. You need to win their trust and loyalty.

If your email starts with a simple “Hi, …”, your chances to build a long-term and solid relationship with prospects increase up to 33%.

10, Mailing time

Struggle to get higher OR? It’s useful to remember that 58% of the adult audience peeps into their inboxes in the morning.

One of our email marketing tips: experiment with different sending time. The magic of morning hours provides greater opportunities to get the message read by your subscribers.

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11. Visualization

Do not forget to use a picture in your email. It’s worth a thousand words. We grasp images 60,000 times faster than a plain text. Define the optimal text-to-pictures balance and find really good images, able to complement and evolve your message.

12. Social media platforms

How often do you check your smartphone? Maybe up to 150 times a day or even more? To create more touch points with the potential customers, try to combine targeted emails with social media platforms your subscribers are more likely to visit during the day.

Let your digital marketing strategy become even more successful.

13. CTA

From top to bottom, from left to right – this is how we read. It sounds logical to place your CTAs in this area. What’s more, if a person on a picture, added to your email, looks at the place where you put a killer CTA (Call to Action), subscribers will definitely follow the gaze.

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 14. Don’t flood

Nobody wants to flood subscribers with newsletters, increasing chances to get on the “unsubscribe” list. Marketing automation helps to connect with the audience, gets your emails delivered when the time is right and helps to re-engage.

15. Conversion rates

You’ll be surprised to learn that email marketing conversion rate is 40 times higher than conversions from social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. These social media giants are the perfect place for finding your audience.

Include an option for subscribing to your newsletters on social media with the further focus on email marketing as the main promotion channel.

16. Video content

Do not hesitate to include videos in your newsletters. It’s a great way to entertain and educate your audience about the products or services you offer. The only requirement here is to provide quality video content. Done right, you can triple your CTR, one of the key performance indicators in marketing.

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 17. Automatization

Coming back to triggered emails, they show 14% higher CTR and 10% better conversion rate than “batch and blast” messages.

But it goes beyond using the subscriber’s name. Use automation and get your messages delivered exactly when your audience wants them not when you believe it’s the right time to remind about your brand.

18. Bring benefits

We share content to entertain or inform about something. Recommendations from friends, relatives or other customers tend to be more credible. But prior to hitting the Share button, any information goes thorough study and verification in more than 90% of cases.

Now ask yourself whether your digital email marketing strategy includes really valuable content.

You can create terrific content and select perfect images, but to drive conversions emails must reach and spark the interest of your audience. You can even get some ideas and resources to create engaging content from sites such as Sortlist to make things easier for you. Just follow at least a few tips from the list and you’ll see higher conversion responses. Good luck!

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