Highest Grossing Gambling Companies in the World

Gambling started hundreds of years ago and it has gone so viral that there’s hardly any country that does not have a land-based casino. Therefore, the need for gambling companies arose and now there are several of them. Though some countries do not allow some of the gambling sites to function, they are still very much in existence. The countries that allow the gambling companies to function have set strict rules and regulations for proper monitoring of those companies. This however has led to the fact that only a few of these gambling sites can fully function and operate, thereby generating huge revenues to the few annually. We have put together a list of the highest-grossing companies in the world based on major factors, number of branches and their locations, employee size, yearly revenue, etc. Follow us closely as we take through them.

International Game Technology (IGT)

IGT is one of the highest-grossing and most recognized gambling companies operating and providing a wide and diverse array of innovative gaming technology services and products, as well as instant ticket printing, online and instant lottery systems, sports betting, digital gaming, commercial services, lottery management services, and so on. IGT has reported a revenue of over $4,830 million in just 2018 alone. The company has its headquarters in London, England.

Flutter Stars Group

Flutter Stars Group is a gambling company that has gone through a series of mergers that has resulted in making them stronger and better. The mergers have also contributed to the togetherness of the workforce, the populace of customers, and the increase in revenue of the various companies. This gambling company has a variety of platforms for gambling enthusiasts and they have their branches in different parts of the world. Its revenue sums up to about £3.8 Billion.

GVC Holdings

The company known as GVC Holdings is a gambling company established in 2004 that has gained full ownership of some of the best gambling companies that couldn’t survive in the UK. They took companies like Coral and Ladbrokes and that led to some people referring to the gambling company as Ladbrokes-Coral Plc. GVC Holdings is indeed one of the largest and most influential gambling companies in the world as it gathers up to £3.7 billion as revenue and its employees round up to a total of 30,000. This gambling company also operates other brands like Bwin, Sporting bet, Foxy, Gala, and Partypoker. Statistics say GVC Holdings has more online players and gamblers than any other.

Delta Corp Ltd

Delta Corp Ltd is the only listed gambling company in India. It was formerly known as Arrow Webtex, Indian hospitality, and gaming corporation that owns and operates casinos and hotels under different brands. Delta Corp Ltd is the largest and most organized and recognized company known for its excellent perspective on gambling industry in India with a revenue of ₹INR 4829.10. They also operate a majority of offshore casinos in Panaji, Goa.

William Hill

William Hill was established in 1934, one of the oldest gambling companies that have contributed immensely to the world of gambling. At the time it was established, gambling was still illegal in the United Kingdom and so the leadership of the company changed severally. Though this gambling company isn’t the biggest in the UK, they have the highest number of employees providing services to over 2500 shops all over the world. They have a revenue of about £1.6 Billion through the gambling services they render across the globe. These services include casinos, online poker, online bingo, and horse racing.

Scientific Games

Scientific Games is one of the biggest gambling companies that has its Headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. This company is known to offer all kinds of betting products and services to gambling and lottery organizations across the world. Their offerings include mechanical and computerized slot machines, table games, instant lottery games, internet applications, terminals and services, server-based interactive gambling terminals, social gaming, sports betting, and iGaming and iLottery products. In 2018, Scientific Games reported overall revenue of about 3363.2 million.


Bet365 is a British online gambling company based in the UK and renowned as one the most popular online betting sites. This gambling company provides all sorts of casino games and sports betting for gamblers. Renowned for their innovative and customer custom sports betting option, it is no surprise why they are the highest-grossing sports bookmaker. Bet365 has employed over 4646 people, with a revenue of $3.9 billion. This company is considered one of the largest sports betting companies in the world by revenue and operation.

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