Top 7 Highest Paying Sales JOBS in the US (Pays as much as 180k$ annually)

Almost 16 million people are currently working in the sales industry, and that number is just within the United States alone, or about 5% of the total US population. Most of them are doing everything to get in touch with different doctors about new medications, or you can meet some in the mall, bringing you a different size of shirts in the dressing room.

Contributed by Jeremy Miner, who has pioneered an internationally recognized sales training methodology that to date has helped more than 200,000 salespeople in 40 countries achieve exceptional results. This remarkable success in sales training has been the natural progression of his extraordinary sales career in the training and educational products industry.

Highest paying sales jobs in the US - image 3929191And while the compensation for a role in those fields can be as low as $41,790, there are still plenty of sales jobs that can offer way better than that, according to a sales expert.

By determining the most financially rewarding roles is an excellent way to know what kind of job you are going to pursue. For example, Glassdoor (a website where users to anonymously submit and view salaries) analyzed their database and found that real estate, wholesale, and manufacturing sales roles were among the best-paying jobs. Furthermore, based on the said platform’s calculations, submitted salaries in those fields include basic compensation as well as commission rates.

If you are curious about the highest paying sales job in the US, below we have listed seven highest paying jobs in the sales industry:

Software sales representatives (salary range: $50,000-$141,000)

To be on this job, one must have comprehensive technical expertise, which is why the offered salary for this role is so good. To become a software sales representative, one usually needs to have a relevant bachelor’s degree together with some manufacturer’s certifications.

Some companies might even require years of experience before they hire someone for the position. Furthermore, sales representatives who work in the wholesale electronic business tend to make the most. They can earn as much as $66,580. However, those who specialize in computer software also tend to receive much larger payouts.

Sales engineers (salary range: $68,000-$185,000)

According to Glassdoor, this job still ranks among their ‘Top 20 Jobs with the Highest Employee Satisfaction’. According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), sales engineer’s median annual wage can range up to $101,420. Moreover, a sales expert who works in the telecommunications industry is the top earners who can earn more as much as $118,000 annually. Meanwhile, sales engineers in wholesale electronic markets and computer systems design followed second.

To get this type of job, one must have comprehensive knowledge about every part of the product they are selling as well as its functions. They also need to be knowledgeable about the product’s scientific procedures behind its operation.

Typically, inspiring sales engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or at least on a related field. Furthermore, to get the highest pay rate for this field, one must undergo lots of technical training as well as building up years of extensive sales experience. After all, those that are highly credentialed are the one who makes the most money.

Realtors (salary range: $27,000-$111,000)

The salary range for this kind of job largely depends on the type of property or properties you are dealing with, as well as the commission rate. To become a real estate broker, you must first become a real estate sales agent to gain both exposure and experience. And to become a real estate sales agent, you need to complete the pre-licensing training course. Once you have the license, you need to pursue additional training about brokerage before attempting to get a broker license.

While there’s no formal schooling required to become a realtor, it is highly recommended that aspiring realtors must have at least 2-3 years of experience of being a real estate sales agent before taking any broker license examination.

Major gifts officers (salary range: $45,000-$95,000)

While this job role requires you to work in the non-profit sector, it is among the highest-paid workers, according to Glassdoor. Major gifts officers specialize in drawing in donations and fundraising. They typically sell the mission of a non-profit organization, whether it be a zoo, museum, or a hospital to prospective donors who are willing to use their resources or money for a cause or solve a problem or to make a difference. To become one, you must have a bachelor’s degree as well as experience in fundraising.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives (salary range: $52,000-$84,000)

Typically, this job requires a bachelor’s degree. But the good thing is that the degree doesn’t necessarily have to be in the scientific field like chemistry and biology. However, if you are knowledgeable in pharmaceutical science, that would be a plus.

Being in this field, you are expected to educate healthcare professionals about new medications as well as other pharmaceutical goods. You also need to keep them up to date about the current developments in the industry while also trying to convince them to purchase.

Medical device sales representatives (salary range: $38,000-$87,000)

Similar to a pharmaceutical rep, but instead of informing your clients about the new medications or treatments, medical device sales representatives specialize in offering new devices and technologies that can significantly improve their medical operations and practices. To qualify for this job, aspirants usually need a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or science.

HR/Recruiters (salary range: $37,000-$77,000)

Recruiting is also a form of a sales job, according to Glassdoor. The reason is that their main function is to convince job seekers that they need the job post and persuading the employers to hire whoever the applicant they recommend. To become one in this field, you need a bachelor’s degree in human resources or in any related field.

Contributor Credits

At 7th Level Communications, Jeremy has pioneered an internationally recognized sales training methodology that to date has helped more than 200,000 salespeople in 40 countries achieve exceptional results. This remarkable success in sales training has been the natural progression of his extraordinary sales career in the training and educational products industry.

For more than a decade in the industry, he has led global sales forces, developed sales training, and been the top individual sales contributor at companies where he has exponentially increased revenues as a rule rather than as an exception. Jeremy is one of only three active sales trainers in the world with individual earnings as a salesperson of more than seven figures annually.

He has consistently been ranked one of the top sales income earners internationally, including 45th in the top 150 earners among the 80 million active salespeople in the direct selling industry.

Before founding 7th Level Communications, Jeremy co-founded and served as Chief Sales Officer of an online education start-up that he took from zero to $37M in revenue the first year. Previously, he was Vice President of Sales at Wealth Masters International, a provider of personal finance training and educational products.

With responsibility for recruiting and training the worldwide sales organization, he increased annual revenue from $12 Million to $75 Millions in three years. Prior to Wealth Masters, Jeremy was Vice President of Sales and the top individual salesperson at Life Path Unlimited. His sales expertise helped propel this personal development training and education company from start-up to a market leader with $55 Million in annual revenue in only two years.

Formerly, he was the top salesperson at Liberty League International in the same industry niche, where he was instrumental in the company setting new industry records for sales revenue.

Preceding his experience in the training and educational products industry, Jeremy was Regional Sales Manager and the top salesperson at Vivint, a supplier of home security services. He expanded the sales force, developed the sales training materials, and increased the company’s annual revenue tenfold to $100 Million in two years.

At Pinnacle Security almost 20 years ago, Jeremy started his sales career selling home security products door-to-door. Here he had his initial epiphany about conventional sales approaches and subsequently adapted his methods. His new methods earned him $100,000 during a summer break from college and the Vice President of Sales job two years later, during which he played a key part in the company being named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies.

Jeremy studied behavioral and organizational science at Utah Valley University, which was to play a foundation role in the career-long development of his Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning sales methodology.


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