Hip Jazz-Bop

Music is considered an essential part of life as it helps to express emotions that are felt strongly as well as bring about a change in the mood of people positively or negatively. This is why America fears the surge of some genres of music despite their steady growth amongst youth.

There are so many music genres; some classic old genres like hip hop and R&B as well as some pretty new genres like Hip Jazz-Bop. As the name implies, Hip Jazz-Bop is a combination of two to three different genres of music and it is still a young genre that many are wary of exploring or simply trying to understand.

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Before you can understand the best Hip Jazz-Bop artists, you need to know what Jazz music entails as it is the parent genre from which Hip Jazz-Bop was founded.

Jazz is a genre of music that morphed from blues and ragtime to create different styles of swing, complex chords and polyrhythmic music. The genre developed from a fusion of African-American and European music styles having its roots in West African traditional music. The genre began when African-Americans in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA experimented with songs from their African roots way back in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In Jazz, spontaneity plays a major role. By spontaneity, it means jazz musicians make up lyrics on the spot and this needs a substantial or sizable skill. Although Jazz developed in New Orleans, it started to spread very quickly in the United States of America.

The first recordings were made in 1917 and then they spread worldwide. It is also referred to as “American Classical Music” by some people. Due to the shortened rhythms and disorganized structure of Jazz, it has always been believed to be a bad influence on youth and a menace. Regardless, many youths find it fascinating and enjoyable albeit somewhat bizarre.

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Hip Jazz-Bop

Hip Jazz-Bop is considered the new jazz modified by 1201 music. The brilliant hip jazz-bop series contains 20 compact discs of notable recordings in a package drawn to entice young listeners. Examples of hip jazz-bops are Over a Million Served, This Is Your Brain, Tourist Season, Wealth Is Overrated, No Time for Poetry, Not Your Typical Self-Made Man and many more.

The growth of Hip Jazz-Bop has been slightly stifled by America’s beliefs and bias against Jazz Music, but artists such as Duke Ellington, Philly Joe Jones, Dexter Gordon, Duke Pearson, Kenny Dorham and Freddie Hubbard have tried to make as much impact as possible through the recordings created by 1201 Music titled The Hip Jazz-Bop Series.

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The Hip Jazz-Bop Series gives the authentic, non-watered down Jazz feeling that may have been lost over time gaining their motivation and ideas from original Jazz Music producers Nat Hentoff and Alan Bates who produced the legendary Black Lion catalogue back in the days.

1201 Music is owned by Achim Neumann who has given himself the responsibility of making Jazz Music see substantial growth in young audiences and gain recognition and respect among other genres of music and artists in the Music Industry.