Hire The Best Lawyer in Mallorca, Spain

Are you planning to visit Mallorca, Spain? Want to hire a solicitor, counselor, or lawyer for legal advice? Want to hire a lawyer in Mallorca, Spain? Then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss how to hire a lawyer and the importance of hiring a lawyer for legal aspects when you visit Mallorca, Spain. 

First of all, let us be very clear about the terms used in Spain. A term you will hear often when looking to hire a lawyer is “abogado”, in Mallorca a lawyer is known as or called an “abogado”. There are also other serious advice to consider that might be beneficial for you if you hire an independent lawyer.

In Mallorca, an independent lawyer means that it is a lawyer who is not working at any law firm and chooses to work independently. It is highly recommended for you to hire a lawyer that hasn’t been recommended by estate agents or developers. There are also a few traits and attributes, which should be taken care of while selecting a lawyer when you visit Mallorca in Spain. 

Are you planning to buy a property in Mallorca? Buy a home? Or are you searching for an independent lawyer in Mallorca in Spain? Do not rush your decision. Take some time to analyze all your available options, and afterward make an educated decision. A good choice would be to hire a lawyer that is registered with a local brand of the Spanish law society.

The following are some of the traits and attributes of a lawyer:

There are some traits and attributes that you should be considering when looking to hire the best lawyer in Mallorca, Spain. This step is highly important and if you were to choose a person that is not properly qualified you might end up facing more problems.

Some traits are highly required, while others can be chosen based on personal preference. It is quite necessary to do your research before hiring a lawyer when you visit Mallorca, as this can increase your chances of having a better experience than if you didn’t.

1. Educational Credentials or Qualifications:

Educational Credentials or Qualifications are one of the most important characteristics that a lawyer should have. A lawyer should have his/her Educational Credentials or Qualifications details to show to its clients. Moreover, the lawyer should be, registered, under some specific and legal authority of law. A registered lawyer under some law firm or law authority will help safeguard your interest in the future. 

To be more specific, the lawyer should have the following things:

  • Barcelona Bar Association registration
  • Madrid bar association registration 
  • A qualified as well as a registered lawyer in Switzerland, France, and Germany

2. Level of Expertise or Experience: 

Level of Expertise or Experience is the second most important quality or trait of the lawyer that should be there in the lawyer while choosing a lawyer in Mallorca. Therefore, when you hire a lawyer. You must check and analyze his/her years of expertise as well we experience in the same field you are searching for a lawyer for.

We can say that experience as a lawyer is the most crucial part because it will help him in understanding all the contingencies and risks while fighting your case and representing you in front of everyone. Furthermore, having good experience leads the results to success. 

3. Collaboration and Alliance: 

The lawyer you select must be in alliance with different people as well as authorities, such as tax departments, corporates, immigration, etc. The following are some of the fields in which your lawyer should have an alliance.

  • Corporates and business law firms
  • Real estate department and urbanism law department
  • Tax compliance department as well as the accounting department
  • Immigration law department 

4. Familiar with your language:

It is an important thing to be taken care of, and for that, your lawyer should understand your language and be able to communicate clearly with you. If you do not understand each other, things will not go in the right direction.

You should hire a lawyer who knows and speaks your language fluidly. If you do not choose a lawyer with who you can communicate properly, then it will become a little tough to understand each other as well as the situation. You should hire a lawyer who can speak at least two of the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Portuguese (not necessary) 

5. Honors received:

While hiring a lawyer in Mallorca in Spain, you should also take care of the honors requested by the lawyer. There is a saying, which fits this situation perfectly that goes: “If you pay with peanuts, you will get the monkeys” this means honors are the crucial way to judge a lawyer’s expertise. 

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