Should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

Not so many years ago, I can recall coming home from high school and turning on the TV. I’d have a snack, I’d do my homework, and within about two hours of having the house to myself, my parents would come home from work.

Personal injury lawyer - 49849894894vv849Those two hours were a gift. I’d watch whatever I wanted, with over 900 channels at my disposal and no-one to judge my interests. Cartoons and weird documentaries about how aliens built the pyramids were basically the only two things I ever chose. But what I never saw, in all those hours, in all those months and years, was a TV ad for a law firm. Not one.

Fast forward to the modern day and I’m frequently reminded by TV, radio, and social media that I may need a lawyer to step in and resolve all sorts of problems that I had foolishly overlooked. So, what’s going on? Is a lawyer worth it? Or can I handle my own case.

ABC, easy as the guilty party going scot-free

If you have been injured in an accident that you believe not to have been your fault, your circumstances may mean that you are eligible to bring a claim for personal injury compensation. But beware, proper procedure must be followed. Evidence must be gathered.

A letter must be drafted and sent to the accused third party, notifying them of your intention to bring a court case. Where the third-party acknowledges the matter, an out of court settlement is typically soon to follow. Where documents are not in order and are not explanatory, the third-party (and indeed the court) may have every reason to ignore your case, meaning even the most nailed-on of cases may be thrown out. This means that there is a value in hiring an injury lawyer who can expedite your claim.

Court costs are a stumbling block

Did you know that it costs around ten times your monthly salary just to hire a courtroom for one hour? Just kidding. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised. Lawyers and courtrooms aren’t cheap. That’s why paying for your case out of your own pocket is as insane as practicing your golf swing on the top of a hill during a lightning storm.

However, most personal injury lawyers work on a no-win no-fee basis, meaning they don’t take on your case unless you’re going to win, and you don’t pay a penny upfront. You know it makes sense.

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