Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Content Writing Team

Regardless of your industry, in the digital age, one of the most effective means of promoting your business and establishing your brand as an authority is to provide your audience with valuable content. As Bill Gates famously predicted, content truly is king.

The content you offer can take the form of blogs and articles. Written content is ideal because it doesn’t cost much to generate and allows you to share useful information with your audience.

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However, you may not have time to write the content you need yourself. You also might not be able to justify the cost of growing an in-house content writing department.

You may be better off hiring a third-party content writing team. To ensure you choose the right team for your needs, keep the following tips in mind:

Choose a Team Whose Writers Are Thoroughly Familiar With Your Language

Again, there are many reasons to offer your audience various forms of written content. Establishing your credentials is one. For example, maybe you run a law firm. By publishing blogs that accurately cover legal topics on a regular basis, you’ll indicate to potential customers that they can trust you to handle their case properly.

That said, if your blogs are filled with the types of errors someone might make if they aren’t as familiar with your language as a native speaker, a reader will potentially see those mistakes as signs that you’re not a qualified professional.

Look for a Team That Understands How Their Work Plays a Role in Overall SEO

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Along with establishing your authority, written content can also play a critical role in your SEO strategy, helping more people discover your business naturally.

In fact, written content is just one small component of an SEO strategy. It’s thus helpful to hire a team of writers who have some understanding of and appreciation for the way in which their work contributes to other aspects of your approach to SEO. For example, they should understand that written content can help you generate backlinks. The more often other sites link to yours, the more Google’s algorithm will prioritize your pages when users conduct relevant searches.

It’s not exactly necessary for your writers to be SEO experts. A writer doesn’t need to know how to reduce a site’s code, so it performs well. In general, though, writers should know their work can significantly influence the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

Hire Researchers

No, you shouldn’t hire separate researchers. What this tip is encouraging you to do is hire writers who also demonstrate an ability and willingness to conduct thorough research when writing content for you.

Many writers have strong language skills. However, they might not be familiar enough with the topics that are relevant to your business to write about them accurately without first conducting research.

It’s okay if they don’t know much about your niche at first. A strong writer can conduct the research necessary to learn what they need to know when writing for you. You simply want to hire writers who will do so instead of jumping into assignments without familiarizing themselves with the relevant topics first.

Finally, one of the simplest ways to choose a content writing team is to simply ask for samples. Reading a team’s past work will help you better determine whether they’re able to serve your needs properly. Take the time to make the right choice, and your business will benefit in major ways.

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