How to Make Your Business More Marketable With Hiring Candidates

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The job search can prove challenging for candidates, but it can become equally daunting for businesses ready to hire. People may come across hundreds or even thousands of job opportunities. What can company leaders do to make their organizations especially appealing? Here are five effective suggestions:

1. Spotlight the Opportunities for Growth

Candidates want to get the impression that working for your company gives them chances to progress. If it’s evident that the company prizes personal and career growth, they’ll be more likely to see your business as a long-term place to work rather than a place to stay until the next best thing comes along.

Help your business stand out by telling candidates about your internal training programs, free seminars, access to learning platforms or anything else you offer that shows the company cares about helping people excel. Taking that approach also conveys that your business sees employees as valuable assets.

2. Offer Remote Working Opportunities

A 2020 study of remote workers found that 98% would like to continue that arrangement to some extent for the rest of their careers. The same source reported that 97% of respondents would recommend remote working to others. Those conclusions show that most people who take part in remote work enjoy it.

If your company offers chances to work remotely, that perk could get noticed by people who want to earn money while reducing or eliminating their commuting times. You may not feel ready to let people work from home all the time. That’s okay. Review whether you could provide it as an option at least one day a week. If so, having a remote working possibility could make candidates more eager to work for the company.

3. Track Recruitment Trends to Identify Areas of Improvement

Staying up to date with recruitment trends makes it easier to see what your company should or could do to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace. For example, if statistics show that many companies in your sector offer gym memberships or other wellness benefits, that could serve as a valuable indication that your business should start doing the same.

Keeping informed is also easier than you might expect, thanks to curated content. Some recruitment companies implement a continuous content creation process for convenience. Human resources managers and other people interested in hiring team members then only need to look through the selected resources to get the information they need.

4. Provide Insurance Benefits

Uncertainty is arguably the one thing people can count on in life. Even people with relatively stable lives can find themselves in unexpected circumstances overnight. It’s no surprise, then, that job seekers particularly appreciate when potential employers offer insurance. An insurance plan helps people get more prepared for whatever arises.

Laws in the United States stipulate whether companies must provide health insurance for workers to avoid paying penalties. Besides offering that kind of coverage to employees, think about going further by providing life insurance to give people financial protection after they pass away. Term life insurance lasts for a set period of typically 10-30 years, while whole life insurance covers a person for their entire existence if they pay the premium.

5. Focus on Opportunities to Give Back

Many people in today’s workforce want to do more than just earn their paychecks. They prefer to work for companies that give back. An analysis of more than 350,000 employee surveys revealed that people who felt their employers positively impacted the world were 14 times more likely to look forward to going to work. Additionally, they were 11 times more likely to stay with their employers for longer periods.

Highlight the kinds of involvement people could enjoy by coming to your workplace. Maybe your company participates in an ongoing monthly cleanup of a popular riverside nature retreat. Perhaps workers can opt to have their holiday bonus amounts donated to a designated charity. You might even dedicate a part of your website to describing the company’s efforts to support the greater good, and invite candidates to visit it.

Help Your Company Make a Memorable Impression

As people search through job advertisements, they’ll likely come across some that make them think, “Wow, I’d love to work there!” Others may cause a reaction that’s more indifferent or perhaps solidly negative. You’ll need to do more than these five things to help candidates see your company as an attractive, outstanding option. However, the aspects here undoubtedly go a long way in attracting talented people who end up with favorable opinions of where they work.

Lexie is a digital nomad and graphic designer. If she’s not traveling to various parts of the country, you can find her at the local flea markets or hiking with her goldendoodle. Check out her design blog, Design Roast, and connect with her on Twitter @lexieludesigner.