Things to look out for when hiring a car accident or injury lawyer

The consequence of being injured in an accident that was not at all your fault can be widespread, and include physical injuries, emotional distress, huge medical bills, and loss of income. These things can, in turn, create ripples which last for many months or even years, leading to additional stress factors like debt, unemployment, relationship breakdowns, and more.

If you have experienced a no-fault incident involving a vehicle, (whether you were the driver, passenger, or a pedestrian), an accident at work or in a public space, or as a result of negligent medical care you deserve adequate compensation. The only way to secure the financial payout you deserve is to hire a specialist lawyer who has the know-how and resources to make it happen.

There are plenty of car, accident and injury lawyers advertising their services, but it would be reckless to sign up to the first random name you come across. Instead, take a moment to check out the list of things to look for in a lawyer which we have put together; it should help guide you towards making a good choice.

Look for a lawyer with experience and a great reputation in the field

If you have been involved in an auto-related accident which wasn’t your fault and you make a claim against an insurance company you may land lucky and get an offer to settle. However, even if that happens it is unlikely to be for a sum of cash which reflects the extent of your suffering as a result of the incident, so unless you skip the offer and hire a specialist auto-injury attorney you have no chance of pursuing the claim through court against a team of lawyers the insurance company can conjure up in an instant.

According to Dore Law PLLC, introducing your own experienced and respected lawyer into the mix really shakes things up, and when the insurers know your representative is good it can often lead to a substantial immediate settlement offer which avoids the entire court system.

Choose a personal injury lawyer you can trust

This goes beyond simple experience, as essential as that is. If you don’t feel a connection to a lawyer, if they don’t make you feel comfortable, or they don’t listen, then don’t settle for them. Pursuing a personal injury case can involve substantial time in meetings, often sharing personal information and feelings which you need to know someone cares about.

Check out their reviews

If you have found a lawyer through direct personal recommendation by someone you trust then you may not need to bother with checking them out, but in other cases it’s always worth looking at online reviews to get an idea of the experience other people have reported having. Googling the company name is a good way to find several review sources, and to get a more balanced idea of a law firms strengths and weaknesses. Don’t let a few negative comments automatically deter you, as what some people complain about may not even be relevant to your case.