Hiring made easy with recruitment software

Placing a candidate or filling a vacancy – finding him or her a job or finding somebody for a position – takes time and requires a lot of effort. From creating job specs to posting it on popular job boards, screening and filtering suitable candidates, to grooming them for interviews, and communicating with clients – this is a long and complex process. The best recruitment software acts as a solid vehicle which helps recruiters perform well in this competitive industry.

Article about recruitment software - imageThe three top reasons for hiring managers to adopt recruitment software are:

Spend More Time Networking

When recruiters use CRM software, they automatically save a lot of time as a result. Tedious tasks can be automated, so hours of manual data entry work are reduced or cut down drastically.

Follow up communication can be performed easily and there are no late or missed emails. Instead, they can meet more candidates or attend networking events to build a client base. Networking also helps them spot opportunities for their candidates, especially for those who have niche skillsets.

Single Multi-Purpose Platform

A recruitment software program is a single platform that is versatile and endorses various uses with its features. It is convenient to have this platform wherein all the important and relevant data can be stored and shared easily.

Different tasks are completed rapidly thanks to the features of the CRM solution. CV parsing takes seconds. Sending a selection of branded CVs to clients will be done in minutes. Posting jobs to popular job boards and then linking all the applications that come through the career sites is done automatically. All the data is streamlined and workflow is systematic and well managed.

Work is Mobile

Whether they are in the middle of a networking event or traveling between meetings, recruiters can have all the important data they need at their fingertips. Recruitment mobile applications allow them to update data from wherever they are. They are better prepared with the mobile app at hand. Work doesn’t need to wait for the office. Irrespective of the task being urgent or trivial, recruiters can continue to be productive anytime, anywhere.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s more to the software than just these reasons. Recruitment CRM solutions offer a multitude of reasons for agencies to use it in impactful ways during the recruitment process. It affects the staff’s productivity and helps elevate the way business is conducted at the agency.

Let’s look at some more ways that recruitment software can help in the hiring process.

  • Keeps agency and recruiters informed about the procedure to follow regarding GDPR and IR35 legislations.
  • Provides a quick summary of candidates’ journey. Recruiters can use this to review the stage each candidate is at and help them prepare for interviews or take them to the next phase.
  • Cloud-based servers help global teams or those working remotely to promptly share information.
  • Filters quality candidates. Creates a database of candidates to match with future jobs.
  • Delivers detailed analytics for clients’ reports and to help make informed decisions.
  • Allows visibility in workflow so relevant department heads can follow the hiring process.
  • Improves the candidate experiences as everything is systematic and smooth for them as well.
  • Ensures better experience and environment for the entire team involved in the hiring process.


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