History of Cricket

Popular among Indian players, Cricket has a rich and interesting historical evolution. From its old times to its present-day, this sport is an all-time favourite, and it’s available in the best bookmakers portfolio. If you are a cricket enthusiast, and interested in learning more about this subject, check the following article.

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Early cricket

Cricket is India’s favourite sport, along with hockey, which is considered the national sport. Before betting on cricket sports events, look at casinos in india and learn more about the gambling industry. Pick the events based on your intuition, and bet on them! But don’t do it before learning more about the actual history of cricket.

Cricket was introduced in India around 1721 by English sailors. Even if the exact origin of this sport is not 100% sure, specialists believe that cricket was created during the British two centuries dominance in India. However, cricket wasn’t yielded in India, as in the early 17th century it was introduced in North America. The inventor of this sport is still anonymous, but it might be an English sailor.

That means that cricket is a product of the Saxon or even Norman colonies. What’s interesting is that cricket inspiration came from playing with bowls. The objective of the game was to kick a bowl with a batsman and hit a target point.

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18th-century cricket

The 18th century is very important for cricket because the first rules about it were written. The sport became official in England, and later in other countries like India. In the same period, Marylebone Cricket Club was financed and later had the right to revise the game laws.

In London, this sport was considered a top leading activity with a bright future. It’s important to know that cricket was considered a boy game and it was firstly played in Surrey. In time the game evolved and it was played by women too. The rules were simple: a team competed against another and won if it got a bigger score than the other one.

At the beginning of the 18th century – in 1792 – a cricket and football club was created in Calcutta. It was the moment when this sport gained more popularity in India and caught the entire nation’s attention. After 7 years, other clubs invaded the market and increased the popularity of this sport. In India, cricket reached its peak in the 19th century.

19th-century cricket

The first cricket match took place in Mumbai, and it was played by the Parsee Oriental team. After the first match, Many events took place in India. This led to the creation of the Bombay Presidency Matches known as Bombay Quadrangular in today’s context. The majority of the matches were played in January on 26 and 28. They were between English teams and Indian teams.

England and India conquered supremacy in cricket for many years. The competitions continued at the beginning of the 20th century and later spread internationally in offline and online betting agencies starting with the 21st century.

20th-century cricket

The first match that was won by an Indian cricket team was back in 1952. The victories came often, winning against Pakistan and England. Parsi became popular and was acknowledged as one of the strongest teams. By the end of the 20th century, India created the best batsmen ever, Srinivas Venkataraghavan and Sunil Gavaskar.

The event that put India on top was in 1983 when the World Cup was won. The leader of the Indian cricket team was Kapil Dev. He managed to be the top scorer of that match with no more than 303 runs and a total of 7 catches in the entire 8 matches that took place. The West Indies team were defeated by 43 runs.

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Cricket today 

Today, Cricket evolved drastically, and, along with the evolution of technology, the matches were streamed live & worldwide. There are so many events to gamble at, and so many opportunities to win big…

When you opt to gamble online, make sure that the operator is licensed and accept Indian players. Besides that, have a look at the sports providers and the number of events that took place daily. Then, make a deposit, select the matches and gamble on them smartly and responsibly.


The evolution of cricket is quite intriguing. India played a major part in this sport development and helped it become popular among players. With so many won matches, professionalism and hard work, the future of the Indian cricket teams will have a brighter future.

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