Home Garage Door Repair: Some Things To Know

A garage door is chosen according to precise criteria. Above all, it must be functional but also aesthetic in order to integrate as well as possible into the building. You don’t buy a garage door at random. Because the price of garage doors represents a significant financial investment, because it is used every day and must be both practical and aesthetic, it deserves to be chosen with care. The ideal way not to be wrong? Find a system that is easy to operate and well-integrated with your existing framework.

To avoid mistakes, carefully study the layout of your garage. Is it sloping? Is it directly on a busy street? Do you have any distance on either side of the door? So many questions that will allow you to choose one of the models available on the market. However, whatever type you choose, it will not be free from problems. If you have come this far, it is because you are asking yourself this question: My garage door does not work well or is it damaged, what can I do? Keep reading if you want to find a simple solution. But for sure, in some situations you really need a garage doors maintenance service. Maintenance services can be found easily, thanks to the use of search engines like Google

We advise that repairs be carried out by a qualified professional, but some of the faults are simply fixable, as long as we do not compromise our integrity when carrying out the repair. With this article we want you to be able to easily identify the fault of the door. We leave you some tips to correct the most common breakdowns of automatic garage doors, you can also see the problem to solve it in the simplest and most effective way. Again, in some situations you can do it yourself. For example when you deal with overhead door installation.

Want to do home garage door repair? We leave you two sections for typical breakdowns:

– Garage door in general or common breakdown of all garage doors.

– Faults by type of door in which we delve a little more about the faults of each type of door.

Some of the breakdowns that occur are usually common in all types of doors, especially breakdowns related to motors or safety systems, you can see in this article how to install and check that a safety photocell works correctly.

Common malfunctions in automatic garage doors

Some of the most common breakdowns of automatic doors and that are easily detectable, we leave you a list with some of them that are easily detectable.

Garage door repair

There is no electrical current, check that current is reaching the door motor, check that all the circuit breakers in the general panel are turned up.

The button does not work, remove the button and put the cables together, by bridging the cables if it works, all we have to do is replace the button with another with the same characteristics

The remote control does not work, check that it has a battery and that the LED lights up, to rule out other faults, caused by the remote control malfunctioning. If it can’t be fixed, looking for a garage door repair service is recommended.

Bad electronic board. The first thing we can do is see the current input fuse, in case it is good, the best alternative should be that the repair can be carried out by a technician prepared for it.

Electrical connections, check the installation and the wiring connected to the plate, due to vibrations it can cause some cables to be disconnected or they may make a bad contact, tighten all the terminals to see that this cannot be the problem.

Motor force, see regulation of motor force as it may be that it is low and cannot move the door.

Capacitor, if we see that the gate makes noise but does not move, we can try replacing the capacitor.

Limit switches, check that they are correctly and that none of them are cut.

Unlock the door and try to move the door manually, to check that the problem is with the motor and not with the door.

After all, the best possible way to have the door correctly and that in the future the door can give the service without problems, is to do a good basic maintenance and the most complicated breakdowns to delegate their repair to experts in the field.

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