Home Remedies to Treat Head Lice

Head lice may be a common problem that many people may experience everywhere. All it takes is a head full of hair, which may cause them to bother your day. Steps that would resolve these complications may come by, but they also tend to be difficult to acquire. So may there be a solution right under your nose, right there in the cupboard in your house?

Many suggestions may have been made to end the battle between lice and humans finally. But the standards usually tend to be that it should be non-toxic and provide long-lasting protection. Those may often be times beyond the budget of most people, but they may find alternative options. Here are some steps to get head lice treatment at home.

DIY Lice Treatments

Several proven ways to prevent head lice from spreading in your home may exist. Here is a list of some of those steps:

  • Wet combing may have been tested to not only remove lice directly but also helps distinguish them from follicles of your hair much easier
  • Suffocating the lice by smothering them with natural substances like lavender, coconut, or tea tree oils with cotton balls
  • Using petroleum jelly on lice may not only stop the infestation but also prevent their eggs from hatching
  • Wash clothes using warm water, especially your headwear, may stop them from spreading as lice may not be able to tolerate heat
  • Cleaning your house helps keep them at bay, dirty areas of the house may be their temporary homes before they may latch onto you

How Lice Infestation Spreads

Lice may spread if you make contact with someone who already has them. They may also make the jump if you share clothes with those same people, especially hats. The lice may appear as little nits on your hair if you see them. Yet, unlike dandruff, they may not be removed by simply brushing or washing them. They may also tend to make their presence felt for some time.

Lice Infestation Symptoms

Symptoms of a lice infestation may include general itchiness of the back of your head. Studies show that they may often prefer the areas in your neck, the scalp, and the back of your ear. Continuous itching may leave some soreness in that area making it more attractive for lice. In that case, specialized medications may be advised for you.

Who Gets Infected?

Lice may affect people of any age or gender; just a head full of hair is enough. Having one individual getting infected by lice can cause everyone to have them. Being aware of your hygiene may be essential in keeping them away from you and your home. That and having useful remedies at arms may also make them less of a bother.

Lice Infestation? Get Help Now!

Without exception, lice may seem to be a nuisance for everyone. Not to mention that they can’t be avoided or removed that easily; effective permanent treatment may not have been available to the public for some time. Yet it may be through the simplest methods you may prevent complications from getting out of hand. Just simply be clean, hygienic, and ready for anything.