Homeschooling Kindergarten: Building Strong Foundations for Lifelong Learning

There is an influx of parents opting for homeschooling everywhere. The reasons for homeschooling are numerous. For instance, the lack of special needs teachers or the current state of schools in many regions influences parents to choose homeschooling.

In homeschooling, children get their education from their parents or a designated tutor (online or offline). They do not attend a traditional school. Homeschooling is becoming popular daily, representing a change in educational patterns across the country and globally. It begs the question, is homeschooling good? Yes, it can help build a strong foundation for students for life. How? Well, due to the following benefits.

It gives you flexibility.

The first benefit of homeschooling your child is flexibility. The kids and parents can create a schedule that isn’t the nine-hour day every mainstream follows. Thus, it gives parents time to take their kids to the library, museum, or gallery to impart practical knowledge. Even if you hire an online tutor for kindergarten students, you can create a schedule that works for you. It allows your child to do other things like play, rest, or go on vacation with you without worrying about school.

It helps adapt the teaching style to the needs of the child.

The school system is the same. The teachers have a schedule to follow and complete the curriculum within a set timeline. But every child is not the same. They all learn at different paces. But with classes becoming overcrowded, a teacher cannot pay attention to each child or their learning pace. With homeschooling, whether the parent teaches or an online tutor comes, they teach at the child’s pace. It is especially ideal for kindergarteners who are still learning to sit still for a while to learn.

It is easier to monitor progress.

As mentioned above, homeschooling means undivided attention to the child. This helps the parent or tutor identify the strengths and weaknesses of the child. For instance, kindergarteners may find it challenging to learn phonetics or read. Identifying the weaknesses or areas of trouble helps the tutor focus their attention and provide better guidance or help. Thus monitoring their progress and helping them succeed.

It provides a safe learning environment.

Honestly, many schools lack a safety department. The threat of violence is always there. Moreover, peer pressure, bullying (even in kindergarten), and other distractions exist. Homeschooling keeps your child safe from these negative issues, ensuring they focus on learning. Negative aspects can affect a child’s development, which no parent or teacher wants.

It is beneficial for introverted kids.

Introverted kids find it challenging to speak to their teachers about any issues. Traditional schools might even ignore the needs of an introverted child. With an online tutor homeschooling a child, the kid can create a bond with their tutor. It helps them open up, which is better for their overall development.

It teaches the kids self-discipline.

Self-discipline is a skill that helps a person live a long life. Homeschooling teaches a kid self-discipline as they learn to manage their time and self-motivate them to learn while managing other activities. Their focus is not just on grades. They learn other life skills crucial for a successful career and a happy life ahead. Learning such skills early on in their lives is best for every kid.

It puts less pressure on the parents.

Sounds contradicting? It is not! Parents must be present at home to homeschool the kids unless they hire a tutor. But the pressure is less than they face when kids attend traditional schools. With the latter, there are deadlines, extracurricular activities, assignments, homework, weekly tests, and more. Parents must be part of all this, which can add extra stress to their lives.

It saves time

Taking kids to school, preparing them for career day or fair, or so on can take time. Commuting time can drain the child’s batteries and even take a toll on parents. With homeschooling, you save time, which is better for work-life balance, and kids have time for play or pursuing their hobbies. 

Surely, homeschooling has benefits for both parents and kids. It gives kids a familiar learning environment without excess peer pressure and time for other activities. It can help build a strong foundation, like learning the value of finances or self-discipline, which will help them throughout their lives. However, deciding whether homeschooling is ideal for you and your kid is something you need to do. Use this as a guide to conclude whether it is best for you all.

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